Thursday, May 26, 2011


Deputy Dave began making these after my best-friend Kelly brought a pan-load to our Easter gathering and they disappeared faster than any other food. I ate my first one that afternoon and instantly became addicted. Thank you Kelly!

During several social gatherings, we've made these and we cannot keep them from disappearing. We can never make enough. So, of course, this recipe that we've made numerous times with such success has officially gained entry into the PURPLE FOLDER!

The reason I especially love this recipe is that we can assemble these in advance and then cook them on the BBQ pit when we get to our land. Either by oven or BBQ or grill, these are heavenly.

(Pictures to follow recipe instructions)

10 Jalapenos (makes 20 stuffed jalapenos)
1 Pkg of Philadelphia Cream Cheese, on counter for 30 minutes prior to stuffing jalapenos to soften
1 Regular Pkg of Thin Bacon ( should have about ten slices, each slice cut in half)

DIRECTIONS  (Pictures will be below)
1. Put on a "Handling Glove" to be worn for touching jalapenos or you'll surely be sorry. If you are clumsy like me, you need to wear gloves on both hands along with a pair of safety glasses and full clothing protection. If you are like Deputy Dave, you'll only need one gloved hand for touching the jalapenos.
2. Rinse the jalapenos in a colander and let dry.
3. Slice each jalapeno in half, leaving veins and a few seeds according to level of desired heat. Deputy Dave uses a melon baller kitchen tool for this job. He also indicates which is mild or hot jalapeno by the stem. This time, the mild jalapenos were the ones WITH the stems. This makes it easier when it comes to serving time, so you can inform your guests accordingly.
4. Take a bit of cream cheese and put it into jalapeno cavity
5. Wrap a 1/2 piece of bacon around the stuffed jalapeno, trying to not overlap it too much so it will cook thoroughly and not be undercooked. You want the bacon crunchy, not raw.
6.  You'll need a thin-bottomed cooking sheet lined fully with foil. The pan must have a rim of edges to keep in the bacon grease as the jalapenos cook --- place the prepared stuffed jalapenos onto cooking sheet, then put them in the refrigerator for about 15 - 30 minutes to let the cheese firm up again before cooking. You can also prepare these in advance and pop the pan in the oven as the guests are starting to arrive.
7. In a 450 degree pre-heated oven, cook the stuffed jalapenos for 15 - 17 minutes. If they get a crunchy "blackbottom" they are actually more flavorful. Be careful when removing from oven so that the hot bacon grease does not spill onto you or anyone else.
8. Prepare a dish or an area with absorbent paper towels and carefully place cooked jalapenos onto the absorbent material for a couple of minutes.
9. If you can hold back the crowd, transfer the jalapenos to a serving dish and remind everyone about which ones are mild and which ones are hot. Of course, if you have an particular guest you wish to "honor", then have them eat an "especially" prepared stuffed jalapeno containing full veins intact and extra seeds as you eagerly stand there watching their expression. Have the camera ready. Texans know how to have a good time!

These can be reheated...just use a light spritz of cooking spray onto a foil lined pan to reduce the likelihood of sticking.

Deputy Dave frequently cooks these on the open grill at his BBQ pit for even more flavor. But, no matter which way you make these stuffed jalapenos, they are delicious.

Everything out and ready to make Blackbottomed Stuffed Jalapenos!

Slice each jalapeno in half.

Remove veins and seeds, if you want a mild flavor.
The veins is actually where the heat is found.

"Hot" jalapenos still have some veins and seeds / "Mild" jalapenos are scooped clean and have stem showing.

Softened cream cheese filled inside jalapeno half. Kelly said you can season the cream cheese
with a bit of taco sauce, if desired. But, these already have abundant flavors.

Using a small flexible spatula, Deputy Dave quickly fills all jalapeno halves.

Uncooked Stuffed Jalapenos waiting to add delight to someone's life.

Pre-heat the oven to 450 degrees - will cook the jalapenos for about 15 minutes, add a few
more minutes if the tops of the bacon does not look cooked enough. "Eyeball" it.

Cooking sheet should be thin, have edges and be covered with foil, unless
you like cleaning mini-disaster zones.

Ahhh, the mingled flavors are too joyful to explain. Just try it and you can be one of us


Rae said...

I'm definitely gong to have to try that recipe! Yum! Great idea, too, identifying by stem.

Oh, and I agree. Always important to wear the proper PPE when touching peppers. Baaaaad juju.

Lana C. said...


I let Deputy Dave know you were going to make these and he was happy to hear it!

Let us know how it works out for you. :-)