Thursday, July 28, 2011

#62 - PeeWee Cracked Eggs!

Yesterday, we couldn't wait any longer. We took the three tiny eggs that have been laid, so far, by our backyard chickens and we cracked them open into a bowl.

Cracking these eggs open felt kind of like a fascinating science experiment with an emotional link as we said our, "Ohhh's" and "Ahhh's."

The eggs were beautiful! The yolks were the best color of a deep sunset orange. Our little eggs with their colorful yolks looked like art. Delicious art.

One by one, Deputy Dave carefully cracked open the eggs gathered from our backyard coop and I took pictures. We savored each moment...the feel of the shell strength, we smelled the egg contents and poked at the yolk a bit to find it to be firm and not as easily broken as store bought yolks.

Deputy Dave got a grocery store egg out of the refrigerator and cracked it into the same bowl, next to our three home-grown eggs and the difference in size brought about some hefty laughter in our kitchen.

I was given the task of scrambling the eggs for Deputy Dave to have ready for his home-made stir-fried rice recipe. It was delicious. The eggs are always the best part of the fried rice. Members of my family are always digging for more of the tasty fried eggs mixed in with the rice. Yum-Yum.

To be honest, as we were taking our first bites of this dish that had eggs in it from our chickens, I had a tiny bit of trouble eating. It's irrational. But, I guess it almost felt like eating part of a pet. With grocery store eggs, there is a detachment --- I don't know the chicken that laid the egg in that horrible commercial plant, but I do know Miss Speckles. This is where the city girl attitude and the country way of living must converge and start to be reconciled.

Learning to eat more than our homegrown veggies and herbs is necessary; this is our future. I am excited.

But, we have no fresh eggs laid for us to eat. All we've had so far is the three eggs found by Deputy Dave. Every day, multiple times, I go outside to check for eggs. I even search the yard for a rogue egg, but there have been no more eggs. My chickens are holding back.

Deputy Dave and I were standing outside with the chickens happily pecking around us in the yard and he said, "I bet that within a couple of weeks, we'll be trying to do our best to keep up with gathering the eggs in this sweltering heat; we can't find any now, but I bet that will be changing very soon."

As a chicken pecked Deputy Dave's feet, I laughed and told him that I couldn't wait to be pestered by lots of eggs needing to be gathered. I've waited all of my life to be able to gather fresh eggs and the fun is just beginning!


Mike said...

Hey, those were some healthy looking eggs. I'm curious to see if Miss Speckles gives you the 'cold wing' after she smells your breath. lol

LindaG said...

That was my thought. Great looking eggs. Nice deep yolk color, just as I'd read from forage birds. :)

And now, how about sharing Deputy Dave's recipe for Fried rice! I love fried rice and would like a recipe to make my own. :)

Rae said...

I'm with Linda. Fried rice recipe, please?

Congrats on the first eggy meal!

Alana said...

Oh Mom, you should create a weekly recipe blog!! You and Dad cook such wonderful food! Pesto, cheese bruschetta, cream of mushroom chicken, sour cream chicken enchiladas, lasagna, salsa fresco, tortilla roll-ups!! Oh it would be delicious!
You say you want a lot of eggs, but I know when Blondies chickens start laying it's hard to gather them all - or better yet - a place to put them! Lol

Lana from Farm Life Lessons said...

Mike --- Ha ha - you are quite the comedian today!! Well, my breath might ruffle some feathers on particular mornings. Snort Snort.

Linda --- you were SOOOO right because you'd told me that a chicken that forages might have deep colored yolks and BINGO --- the yolks are so lovely. Getting some free-range time must make all the difference. And, I am going to sit with Deputy Dave this afternoon to get his recipe together. I'll post it in his recipe section before the weekend is over. Our family LOVES his home-made fried rice. And you can add ANYTHING to it...even left over pork, chicken,'s always good. He made this recipe the other night with fresh shrimp.

Rae --- I'm getting the recipe posted and the fresh eggs did taste good, but we did mix them with some grocery store eggs because they were just so dang tiny! I learned that they are PEEWEE size. Hehehaha.

Hello Miss Heather Alana --- my blog buddies know you by Heather --- my fantastical oldest daughter of mine! I am trying to get some recipies posted, but I can't even keep up with your father. Did you see my post of my dinner that I made one time? If not, go check it out, you will be cracking up. You need to do a food section as well since you and Henry are quite the chefs of international foods. Especially the Mousaka (sp?). As for having LOTS of eggs, we have neighbors who are patiently waiting for their weekly allotment.