Tuesday, June 4, 2013

# 443 - Country Life: Rural to Civilized

We've been in the country for approximately two weeks and things are rolling. We are STILL ON GENERATOR POWER for minimal electrical usage, but the city has us on the schedule tomorrow to connect our lines to our personal electrical pole. We had a pole installed with a meter and a 200 amp breaker box.

If you want to see the country-way of installing a massive electrical pole, take a look at this video and be prepared to crack up laughing.

It will be super nice to again have regular electricity and Sgt. Dave will no longer have to keep running to the gas station to fill up the containers.

We will not have internet for two more weeks. The city has to run a phone line to the RV and then we will have DSL internet! I can't wait!

But, yesterday was awesome because we finally were able to get TV again after the satellite was installed...Direct TV.

Sgt. Dave is really just concerned about his sports channels, even though we're not inside five minutes to watch anything.

The chickens are still alive, as of today.

Howdy and Lilya are loving the country life.

I am hardly ever alone because we have so many family and friends coming out. Here is my dad and one of his dogs, "Lady" coming for a wonderful visit!

And today was a LOT of fun because I bought my best-friends golf-cart from her.

We drove to the Houston area with our trailer today to pick it up and tow it back. Sgt. Dave has to work on the batteries, but I will be grateful to have this little baby to drive around the acreage and to drive to check the mail!

We've also decided to build the house in another area. Good thing we're getting to actually LIVE on the acreage because it is teaching us about our land in a new way. We've seen the soil is great on the side of the acreage that we truly love and that means the cabin can be built there!

Every day, we love it more. I can't take pictures to share of inside of RV because it is disaster-land until we get everything in order, but we're getting there! But, here is a snippet of Sgt. Dave's NEW GAME-ROOM!

I LOVE LOVE LOVE not having a house that is nearly 3,000 square feet. We feel as if we are getting a break from everything, but we have nearly ten acres to roam. And I am one HAPPY TEXAS GAL!

The people around here talk about their "big city" friends asking, "Why don't you ever go on vacation," and they answer, "...because I LIVE in an area that is a DAILY VACATION!"

But, I still have my "city days!"

Amen to the country-life!


LindaG said...

We don't have enough room to hide a satellite dish, so Ken has already decided we won't have one. We're lucky to be close enough to get about 10 over-the-air channels (three of which are PBS).

I do envy you your DSL, though. Only AT&T provides that out here (whatever happened to competition?); and we had some bad interactions with them, so that is out, too.

Just our cell phones for internet unless we can find the time to lazy somewhere with Wi-Fi.

How lucky for you to have that golf cart! We make do with lawnmowers; but of course we are only blessed with a handful of acres. ;-)

Happy for you and glad that you aren't getting any severe weather out there!

The Kelly's Adventures in KY said...

Country Utility Pole installation was hilarious! Love that he just used his boot to kick in the dirt too to stabilize the pole! HA! It looks so lovely and awesome out there! Your excitement is definately oozing out of your writing. So happy for you!!

Horst in Edmonton said...

The power pole install was funny, and I noticed the pole was quite small and short. When I was on the farm we had to install a few of these power poles and used proper sized ones. I guess this is all you need, hope it passes inspection. I do love your blog. There is nothing like the country life.