Friday, October 11, 2013

# 480 - Country Socializing & Country Peace

Taking a walk through the forest is always interesting. This week, we took the dogs with us on a walk and they were so happy that they wore big smiles.

Liyla and Howdy are my babies.

And, on our walk this week, we make a fun discovery. These bricks will hopefully be used for another project on our land

Me, my man and my dogs, walking through the tall grass and wild flowers; peaceful is nice.

Howdy loves play-time outside.

I love play-time outside as well. We both wear straw hats since we live in Texas and need protection from the punishing heat, yet the straw allows any breeze to flow through the woven fibers, adding to our comfort. Gotta have my hat.

In fact, last week I found a great place to sit on the lake and laugh with some friends AND get some wonderful food! The views are beautiful; it is probably going to be one of my favorite places to slow down, enjoy the water and to see some friends in a relaxed atmosphere.

In my ENTIRE LIFE, I've not been a person to go to a "bar" but this hang-out is an all-round location to sit with friends, you can have a drink if you wish, but most are ordering food and boaters can pull up. Since I'm from the Bay Area of Houston, this place definitely makes me feel more at home. I am adjusting to not living close to the bay, so getting some time on the water while sitting on this deck makes me feel a sense of relief.

However, on most days, I savor being at home. Some of the best days are when my husband and I go on a hike through several acres. This weather has been so nice, our walks are even more enjoyable.

We are settling into our new hometown a bit more. It's nice that we are finally making time for some fun, for some socializing because that is needed for a person to keep their sanity --- being with family and friends is important.

We are blessed!


Carolyn said...

Oh, how I love our little place out in "nowhere", but I also enjoy some social time, even if it is in "town". That little place on the water looks like it would be a relaxing place to sit with friends and yammer on for a while.

LindaG said...

We were with family this last week. It was nice.
And being home is nice, too.
Love Howdy's smile. He obviously loves your property. :-)

Have a blessed weekend!


Lana, thanks for sharing your place with us/me.
Gave me a feeling of tranquility and peace as I read and looked at the photos. We have two acres in the country but have neighbors and a road out front. Though we sit far back from it.
Lovely post. Lovely sentiments. Praying you will be blessed in this new place you call home. Loved seeing the dogs and you guys surveying your land. Hugs,
Barbara (Whittington)

author of Vada Faith, women's fiction
Ezra and Other Stories, collection of short stories