Thursday, March 20, 2014

# 505 - Country Difficulties with Bad Weather

Recently, our youngest daughter, Stefanie, and her boyfriend, Brice, came our place for several days. We had a great time, in spite of the constant foul weather that keeps the acreage from drying out.

Worst part about this middle transition zone from city life to the country has been the mixture of consistently bad weather with the country roads running through our acreage that present serious problems with vehicles getting stuck.

Here is Brice getting his own truck unstuck after he helped Sgt. Dave get the Dodge out of a very soft, terrible mud hole that was leading the truck toward a ditch.

It was a mess.

I've also been forced to drive through mud holes, but I have been fortunate enough to not get stuck. Interestingly, I made some stuck-in-the-mud observations. First, I acknowledged the quickest route is not necessarily the best route. I observed that good choices may be bypassed simply because of stuck-in-the-mud routines. And finally, getting stuck in the mud reminded me that life doesn't always go our way, but it is our personal challenge to do the best with what we are given and to be gracious to others, even during our worst moments.

It also made me very happy to see that my daughter is dating someone who maturely and respectfully dealt with his beautiful prized truck being stuck in the mud, the back-end precariously stuck between two oak trees as the wheels sank deeper into unstable muck. Brice kept a cool head and displayed the kind of strength that I grew up with...Brice is the kind of person who becomes more intensely focused on solving a BIG problem, and he accepts help with graciousness...that's not always easy, especially if an ego gets in the way.

Regardless, I have been reminded to be THANKFUL that I came from a family who values pulling together during hard times. I know that I was blessed to grow up in a strong, supportive family. That family still sticks to the same values...we will always be there for each other and be respectful to each other.

During Stefie and Brice's visit, even though there were farm-life disasters, we had many more farm-life awesome moments. We four had a great time on our hike. Yes, that is Brice behind us with a machete. He is so funny! On our hikes, we went into a few ravines and I would get stuck into a deep section with a steep incline that Brice would try to help me out of...but it seems I always choose what appeared to be the worst way out. And believe me, that's not new for me. Sometimes, the hardest way for others is the easiest way for me. HaHaHa. But, true!

Me and Stefie with Brice lurking in the background.

Stefie and I enjoyed our time together.

Suddenly, Stefie became concerned about being too exposed, so she improvised to create sly cover.

Sgt. Dave stayed ready to handle any wild critters that might cross our path.

The dogs enjoyed playing ball with Stefie and they loved having their doggie friends, Belle and Thor, come visit.

And it is funny to hear Stefie and Brice tell us that we live on land that makes for an AWESOME dog park.

It was fun while it lasted. Now that the kids are gone, again, I am back to my normal routine here on the acreage and am enjoying the weather as it improves.

For a chick update, all twenty chicks have survived nicely...they are healthy and growing strong. I love the variety. It is such fun watching their antics.

I love country life. Every day is an adventure!



Ian H said...

Ok, which one of you is Stefanie? :-} said...

Ian - Stefie is my daughter...the little blonde. She's actually 23, but still my baby! I have the super curly hair. Lol