Saturday, November 8, 2014

# 536 - Country House - Dream Home Confirmation!

One of the houses that we considered for our own country home was personally toured a couple months ago, and the moment we drove up, we knew this house was right for us.

The house has the potential look I have dreamed about, and the floorplan had been just right with a bit of customization.

The major thing I knew that I wanted changed from the house I toured would be the exterior siding. The one we toured has a "log-cabin" rustic finish, but I want ours to have hardy-cement siding painted white and the front windows to be white divided light-framed and spaced just right so that they can be accented with black shutters.

But, I had such unsettled feelings about how this particular house would look with white siding and black shutters. Was I making a big, ugly mistake?

Then, by chance, I came across an almost IDENTICAL floorplan on one of Martha Stewart's Pinterest boards! The front porch is even the same with the extra large side porch, which we have already drawn to have door instead of a window that leads from the Master bedroom.

My jaw dropped open. I even liked the roof color on this house.

It was as if a MASSIVE sign crossed my path, confirming my mental picture for this house to be exactly as I thought it would be...PERFECT for us!

I had been apprehensive that this house design would not look right with my exterior preference, but this house proves it will be just fine!

Our house plans have an extra dormer and it does not have the chimney in the center. In those regards, I prefer our house plan more than the other.

In fact, we are thinking of not building a standard fireplace, but putting in a vented wood burning stove as a back-up to heat the house. After all, our acreage has PLENTY of firewood available to fuel the wood-burning stove. The only problem I'd have to figure out is the placement of the stove and the design that would include a decorative wrought iron surround to keep little arms and hands away from the hot metal.

Since our main heating for the house will be electric, I would also like to have an "off the grid" option for heating the house, but my oldest daughter thinks I should build a regular fireplace. However, wood-burning fireplaces do let more smoke through the house, even if built properly.

Regardless, I am feeling extra wonderful about this house. Things are coming together, as they should. It's been a long road to build a custom home on our acreage in the country, but worth it.


Dreaming said...

How exciting! I love the Martha Stuart colors.
Sherwin Williams has an online tool where you can upload a picture of a house and try it out in different colors. I did it with our home. I posted a few of the options on this post:
To make the colors look right I had to first make our house white, and then upload the white version. It was a hassle, but it was well worth it as it really gave me a feel for what the house would look like.

LindaG said...

Looks great. And I figured the colors could be changed to how you want them.
Congratulations of finding what you wanted!

Karen said...

Gorgeous house, I can see it on your property. It's going to be stunning!

We have geothermal heat/AC here, but I'm not sure how it would work in Texas. Can't wait to see this whole plan come to fruition!