Tuesday, March 24, 2015

# 544 - Bathtub Blues

Today, I am feeling as if this process of moving from the greater metropolitan Houston area to our rural country acreage is now approaching the end of my patience because of extensive bathtub withdrawal.

As we moved from the city to the country, I did not have any unrealistic expectations, I knew this would be a difficult process. It has taken longer than expected, which was really expected. I had suspected the process would take a minimum of a year, but I had always told my clients that anything real estate related WILL take three times more money and three times more time than expected. Believe me, from Day One, those true words of advice have become my personal experience, yet again. So, I have known this process would likely be more expensive, more challenging and would likely take more time than initially imagined.

However, this week is one of the times I've most missed a bathtub. I long to enjoy sore muscles and aching bones feel the deep relief that comes the weightless glory of a lengthy soak in hot water. I miss my master bath garden tub.

In the old house, you know, the one that had actual bathtubs...we also had an upstairs bathroom that we made into a spa-like setting and it had a jetted tub. The jets on the feet felt especially great on days I had too much to do. But, to tell the truth, I prefer a regular tub without jets. The ability to soak in hot water is all that is really needed to feel the luxury of a tub.

The funny thing is, I would love to take a long hot bath to have a moment to escape from the process of building this house, but I won't get another tub unless I move forward with the of those cycles that doesn't feel so great at  this particular moment.

Today, again, I will have to accept that a long, hot shower will wash away those aches, pains and frustrations, but it just isn't the same as a tub of hot water with a good book and a washrag to scrub away the layers of dirt that I feel cannot be washed away with a shower and a washrag. As for washrags, I prefer those cheap Walmart washrags because they are abrasive enough to truly scrub the skin...the fluffy rags are sudsy beautiful kind of rags, but not worth a darn for scrubbing purposes.

Yea, I sure do miss my bathtubs this week and that's a bit nuts, but it is the way I feel. I am positive there is a layer of dirt beneath the skin that is being missed. It's there! It might not be visible to the naked eye but there is a speck of bodily dirt somewhere that would not be survivable if I had a bathtub!!!

Yes, my OCD tendencies are rearing their ugly head this week.

We had someone suggest buying an old cast-iron tub off Craigslist and setting it up outside near the water hose with some logs underneath it for a small fire to slowly build a nice warm tub of water. A few patio stones with the water hose at the side of the tub to wash off the feet before getting inside is another good idea.

If we have too many more construction delays, I might start surfing our local Craigslist because my need for a soak in the tub is one that is near toddler-tantrum level.

Oh well, for now, it's time to go get my cheap washrag and sing the blues in the shower about missing my bathtubs!

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The Kelly's Adventures in KY said...

You're so funny!! You'll get your bathtub. I love the outside cast-iron tub idea! Talk about a TRUE garden tub! Hang in there!!!