Wednesday, July 15, 2015

# 556 - Construction - Timber Goes Up!

This week has been a fast moving week for the construction of our house. The day we walked over to the side of the acreage where the house is being built, we were shocked to see the basic first framing in place for the first floor.

Truly, I was overcome with emotion at this sight. We have waited so long for this moment. I was so overwhelmed that I cried some of the happiest and most relieved tears that I've ever felt.

Sgt. Dave walked hand in hand with me and we made our way to the part of the house that will be the wrap around porch and we headed toward the front doors, just as if the walls were already in place.

When we reached the front door threshold, Sgt. Dave insisted upon carrying me across the threshold into the interior portion of the house so we could properly enter the house for the first time. I was worried he would crumble beneath my weight, but he handled carrying me like a champ!

Yes, it was romantic and loving and it summed up so much of the good character of the man I love.

Each day this week, the house made fantastic headway. In the photo above, you can see some of the construction workers standing on the rafters...not something I would want to do.

Every day, as Sgt. Dave heads to work, he first drives to the construction site to make a quick video and to take pictures of the progress made the day before.

In the photo below, you can see the holes in the roof for the three dormers. We are putting on a metal roof. I changed a few things at the last minute, but am extremely happy for that decision.

Since this is a custom home and we literally designed our floorplan on our own, we have never been inside a house like this one, which makes it nerve-wracking to wonder if the house will be as great in reality as it is on paper. Once we walked through the framed house, I could clearly see that I will LOVE this floor plan and LOVE every element in the design. I might eventually try to explain the reason behind each decision because all of it took incredible thought and planning. But, I will probably have to wait until the finished house is photographed before trying to explain some design elements.

One thing is for sure, I am ecstatic. My husband has trusted me to completely design this house and he absolutely loves it. He is finally seeing things as I've seen them in my mind for the past two years. So much of this house has been designed for the man I love because I have been married to him for 29 years and know his personality.

Here is the side hallway that will lead to the driveway and on one side
of the hallway is the laundry room and on the other side of the hallway
is the second bathroom downstairs, so Sgt. Dave can run inside with
while wearing his dirty overalls and then walk across the hall to the
shower. I am LOVING

Side still feels weird that I am 47 years old and have been married 29 years.

Since the framing has gone up, each day when he gets home from work, Sgt. Dave drives the tractor to that side of the acreage and sits on the porch deck and savors his wrap-around porch. Then, he comes back to our cramped RV and tells me how much he loves our house, every bit of it makes sense to him and the vision now belongs to him too.

I am breathing easier, but until the house is finished, I won't feel completely relieved. But, that day is is fast approaching.


Cricketjett said...

Beautiful!!! I have followed your blog for several years now and am so happy your dreams are finally coming true. God bless!

The Kelly's Adventures in KY said...

You got me tearing up too at that beautiful sight, and the emotions / relief / utter joy that your writing showed. So very happy that Sgt. Dave has the same passion for this home you have lovingly put together for the past 2 years ( WOW! ) You both are going to have beautiful evenings sitting on that porch looking out over your homestead. Kudo's too for the carrying across the threshold - a very touching gesture!!! said...

Cricketjett - I am so happy to hear from readers, letting me know they understand the long, extensive process we've endured for this house in the country. Thanks for the awesome feedback, and I hope you enjoy the posts over the coming months as we work to finish our house. It is a wonderful time for us.

The Kelly's Adventures in KY - Oh boy, you can bet we are thrilled to finally see the house being brought to life! It has been such an awesome adventure over these past couple of years. No doubt about it!