Tuesday, January 12, 2016

# 561 - Family: The Reason for Everything

Just a little of my family over the past couple of months...

Sgt. Dave and Coraline, our grand-daughter.

My oldest daughter Heather carrying her 2nd baby, Hank,
as she crosses the creek with Liyla.

My niece Shaye as she crosses the creek with Howdy.

My mother-in-law Helen, here she is taking her turn to cross as
Gracie decides to perfectly jump the creek.

Against the sink is Gerald, our old friend, and up close is Matthew,
our nephew whom I love so much.

Here is Hank, my grandson, and Matthew,
my Nephew. Love these Guys!

Me, my dad, Heather my daughter, Hank and Sgt. Dave.

Sgt. Dave, my dad, Henry and Hank, Stefie my youngest daughter
after graduating with her Master's Degree and our grand-daughter Coraline.

Sgt. Dave, Stefie and me at our daughter's graduation from
Texas State with her Master's Degree. She's 25 years old.

Sgt. Dave with our grandson Hank.

Sgt. Dave with our grand-daughter Coraline as my dad sits behind them.

Sgt. Dave, me (Lana), our oldest Heather, my father-in-law Richard,
our youngest daughter Stefie and my mother-in-law Helen for our
Christmas photo this year, 2015.

And here is our own family clan...Heather, Sgt. Dave, Henry and Hank,
Me (Lana), Stefie and Brice who is holding Coraline.

Me and my sweetheart on New Year's Eve, waiting for 2016.

Sgt. Dave wearing one of his Christmas gifts.
This is a start...more to come as well as more updates on the construction of the country house.


Ian H said...

Great looking family! Thanks for sharing. Stephanie graduated with a Masters in ? said...

Ian, Stefie graduated in December - I'll be posting pictures of her graduation day as well. Trying to catch up! We are so proud of her hard work. I hope you aren't getting snowed in!

Lana said...

Her field of study is as a Child Life Specialist. I'll write about that field too! Lol