Wednesday, May 11, 2016

# 564 - Will You Marry Me?

I have two daughters, Heather and Stefie. My oldest married her college sweetheart, Henry, and they now have two beautiful children. That makes me a Nana. A very blessed Nana.

And now my youngest daughter is engaged to be married to a wonderful young man...Brice.

I'm going to have two awesome son-in-laws. I don't know many other women who are this blessed!

Henry and Brice and Stefie

For years we've known Brice. He's a good-hearted guy we've watched grow from being a kid to a man. The love he has for our daughter is the best kind of love to give to another person you want to spend your life with. He wants to protect, love, care for and get old with Stefie.

Stefie and Brice went through their university studies together and have been focusing on their professional lives. It was a sacrifice, but Stefie stuck with her studies until she got her Master's Degree as Brice began working in law enforcement, and they lived a good distance from each other through a brief time, but it helped solidify their commitment to each other.

They knew they didn't want to go through life without each other.

Each year, our family celebrates our own holiday called "ThanksMasTine," which is Thanksgiving, Christmas and Valentine's all rolled into one awesome event. Instead of us all running in different directions and being strained about coming together to celebrate all of these holidays within a short period of time, we elected to find an agreeable date to gather and have a Thanksgiving feast, to exchange Christmas presents and share the Valentine's sweetness. We love our unconventional way of sharing the holidays.

During our celebration, Brice asked Stefie to marry him. As the family had their first gathering in the unfinished Bootcreek Farmhouse, Brice asked his sweetheart to be his wife.

And Stefie was so thrown off by the surprise proposal...she didn't have warning to orchestrate anything. Brice had our help, but he completely decided how to handle this special moment, and he was loving and respectful enough to make it a family moment since he knows having a daughter makes this moment very serious and special.

Brice even went to see Sgt. David at his job to get a traditional blessing before he asked Stefie to marry him. Of course, we had previously discussed Brice being our son-in-law, and marriage is not something we take lightly, but we've been watching Brice for years and acknowledging that he'd be a more than suitable long-term marriage partner for Stefie.

The proposal was definitely unique. Since Stefie is an ultra-studious follower of all things Harry Potter, even with a Harry Potter room of collectibles, Brice catered his proposal to be romantically linked to Harry Potter with the "Always" mantra being used to describe the way he sees their love and future marriage.

Enlisting the help of Stefie's sister, Heather, they commissioned a drawing of the Patronus with the "Always" message, and of course, since I'm not as a rabid student of Harry Potter, as Stefie happens to be, I initially thought the deer with the cross-hair site/triangle symbolized hunting or shooting.

Silly me. But, I was actually grateful this proposal didn't involve killing a deer.

Stefie adores the incredibly talented J.K. Rowling's Harry Potter books. Rowling is an author truly gifted-by-God, an individual with beautiful creative imagination to write about an orphaned boy finding a Magical escape. However, if you didn't know about the books, then you might ALSO think the drawing reminds you of a hunting moment...which actually works for Stefie and Brice as well since they are great shots.

But still, no dead deer are part of this marriage proposal. Whew!

Brice wrote a beautiful hand-written message to Stefie on the back of his "Always" proposal.

So she opened the board while thinking it was yet another Christmas present for our ThanksMasTine celebration. This gift just happened to be the last one needing to be unwrapped, so we were all gathered and watching with ongoing joy.

Then it dawned upon her that this was not a gift from a family member, but it was instead a MARRIAGE PROPOSAL!

All of us can see the reverse side as she's reading his message.
A nail-biting moment for all of us.

Her moment of melting was evident. All of us melted with her. So romantic and pure.

She began crying tears of surprised joy as he stood up to get on a bended knee --- those she loved most in life shared the moment while being silent so she could soak in the surprise proposal.

If only she would say "Yes!"

She flipped over the board to read the "Will You Marry Me?" message, and Brice took his time to get down on one knee with a gorgeous ring in his hand...the sly devil...and he officially asked her those beautiful words.

He properly asked her to marry him.

Stefie's expression gave Brice the answer that only a heart filled with love can give. But, she still said "Yes!" outloud.

There's always a sigh of relief when the girl actually vocalizes the YES.

The best part about this surprise proposal was that the following weekend was actually Valentine's Day, so Stefie thought a proposal was coming, but she imagined it happening the NEXT weekend.

Of course, she initially could have choked me and her sister because she certainly wasn't prepared for a proposal to take place. For this moment, she imagined her nails being perfect, her hair being straightened (since it's naturally curly) and that she'd be wearing an ultra-fab outfit. She imagined the proposal taking place AFTER she'd done all the foo-foo things a girl does for glorious pictures, but Brice was wise enough to know that those things are distracting and nerve-wracking.

Every day, Brice loves Stefie just the way she is, and I might be a bit partial, but Stefie didn't need to waste time or money because she's already perfect in her most natural state. And her curly hair is better than a mermaid's hair!

So, we had enjoyed our ThanksMasTine day while knowing this little gal would be engaged before nightfall.

Stefie was HER fabulous SELF during the "Will You?" and the "Yes!" exchange with her family gazing at them as closely as fluffy fur is on a bunny. You get my drift.

Brice did an amazing job.

That meant that the following weekend, on Valentine's Day, she'd get to do all the foo-foo girly things and show off an engagement ring on her newly manicured finger. On Valentine's Day, they were able to CELEBRATE their engagement with all their friends, to remember the ones who passed too soon and to show off engagement radiance with the rest of the family.

This proposal was PERFECTLY imperfect, making it even more lovely and authentic. These days, most gals know the proposal moment is around the corner and they are well-prepared, so Brice did a great job to make this a relaxing, loving proposal for her.

Through that entire day, before the proposal, all of us who knew it was coming did a fantastic job of  wrangling nervous energy; we were ready to BURST with excitement! But, we had to pretend to be chilled out; for me, I am NEVER chilled out --- I was born radiating high energy, so it was a "normal" day for me. But, Brice did a great job at leading the way, except when we'd share brief moments to exchange knowing glances of what was those moments, I could clearly see the whites of his eyes, all around. He makes me smile.

Of course, the Bride-To-Be was immediately happy to show off a beautiful engagement ring that has a vintage flair, as she loves. Brice deserved every glowing, fluttering eyelid moment that Stefie sent his way. He earned it.

We are thrilled to be gaining a son-in-law. Not just ANY son-in-law...Brice.

The wedding date is set for January 14, 2017.

Stefie and Brice went into high gear to immediately start planning their wedding and to take care of business required for a wedding to take place.

I admire these lovebirds. It will be super awesome once they are married and the triplets are on the way.

Okay. Too much at one time? I will stop putting in orders for more grandbabies. HaHa. I will negotiate, how about if I knock that down to JUST twins? Better?

So...once the twins are on the way...

January 14, 2017 cannot come soon enough, but no rushing anything! Double-trouble will come after the Honeymoon.


LindaG said...

Congratulations to all. God bless them and give them many happy years together. ♥

Debbie Slaughter said...

What a beautiful way to propose, with family all around! She is gorgeous!

~Kim at Golden Pines~ said...

How wonderful and perfect!! I hope they have many happy and healthy fun years together!!

Karen said...

Wonderful news! Congratulations to everyone!

Kathy Prickett said...

How awesome! They make a beautiful couple.

Must be a great day for weddings. My nephew is getting married the same day.

Lana said...

Linda - We are thrilled to be getting to the point to where Brice will officially be our son-in-law. We are thrilled.

Debbie - Brice is so sweet. He knows that the MOST important memory is for Stefie to always remember this moment being shared by those she loves most and by those who love her the most. As we get older, these memories become much more precious. Brice has already showed such wisdom to be thoughtful toward her and her family. He's an amazing young man. And if he had wanted to ask her to marry him in a private moment, he knows we would've supported him it made it even more beautiful that he WANTED us to be a part of it. And I will let her know you sent the message that she looked gorgeous...I thought so too, but of course, I am MOM. Lol.

Kim - Thank you so much. That is our ultimate blessing to hold over them, wonderful years with good health. I know they will love and support each other through whatever comes their way, but we do hope for nothing but the best! :-)

Karen - Thank you! I've been joking that the triplets should be here within 2-3 years. No pressure. Lol. I'm simply thrilled that Stefie is thoroughly enjoying this phase in her life. It's a beautiful time!

Kathy - That is awesome! It will be an incredible day. You must be close to your nephew for you to know the wedding date and that touches my heart. We have much to be thankful for!

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