Monday, March 6, 2017

#569 - Long Time No Blog...Missing Photos on Past Posts

It's been way too long since I've made a post. Today, I decided to get onto my blogging site and to do some catching up, but was met with the HORROR of seeing all the copy/pasted photos from past posts have disappeared! I'm doing research in an attempt to figure out what has happened, but am not successful, as of yet.

I do not use Picasso, etc., for my blog photos and haven't done so in a couple of years because I copy them from Facebook and then paste into my blog post. So, it's so sad to see the pictures that accompany my posts being absent.

If anyone knows why this has happened, I'd appreciate any information so I can figure out if I am going to keep posting through this blog or start another with a different provider. I've been with Blogger for so many years that it's difficult to start all over again.


Otherwise, I'd love to share some of life's events over the past several months. The construction on Bootcreek Farmhouse is slow going, but it's still GOING. Our youngest, Stefie, recently married her sweetheart, we have two scrumptious grand-babies and so much more to share.

Image may contain: 1 person, smiling, outdoor
Stefie feeling the love from this mom and dad on her wedding day.

Perhaps I'll figure out the problem, so I can fix the magically missing photos and have faith that new posts won't be altered at a later date by a Blogger blip. Since I do not use Picasso or any other photo provider, I find it odd that they can cut out info that is copy and belonging to me.

I hope everyone is doing well...looking forward to catching up some more with old blog buddies, so everyone take care, and I'll be checking comments to see if anyone has an answer as to why the pictures are now replaced with a blank box that has a little x in a box at the top left corner. Bueno.


Charade said...

I have no idea how that happens or how to fix it. But I hope you get to the bottom of it, as your blog has a lot of history to it!

Lana said... KNOW it better than most! We've both been at this a LONG time. I'm in disbelief that all the photos have disappeared. I always promoted Blogger, but now I'm not feeling very generous toward their brand...hoping to find out the reason for this issue. People put a lot into their posts, so it's awful to see this happen, and I hope it's not happening to other people, too. Maybe it's just a hang-up with my settings, if there was a change I needed to make, etc., but since I copy and paste, I own all the photos and their not sourced via a third party, but directly from my own collection, so we will see what happens. I'll make a post about what I discover. Hopefully some super savvy person will know the problem and/or solution. I hope.


LindaG said...

I just upload my photos to blogger when I post.

If you take yours from faceless book, I can only presume it has something to do with all the ways fb has been making users miserable (me) with all their crap changes. Something they have done has probably affected the links you created.

That's my shot in the dark.

That said, one of the blogs I follow had their whole blog deleted by blogger for a couple days. It came back with no explanation; but now they are looking into having a friend set them up with a hosted website of their own so there can be no censorship, real or imagined.

Good to hear from you. I wondered how you all were doing. Congratulations to Stefie and her hubby!
And congratulations to all on the grandbabies!

Now if you decide to change. The only thing I can think of would be Wordpress. I tried it a few years back, but I am not smart enough to figure out all the bells and whistles. You would probably not have that problem.
The benefit? They have a way that you can import all your blog posts into your wordpress blog. Do it right at the start and you should be able to pick up where you leave blogger off.

Hope you all have a blessed week!

Lana said... might have a point about the Facebook issue, but I didn't use any links, just a simply copy/paste of the photos, so it doesn't make sense. I think blogspot might be taking them off since they figured out that I had re-routed their photo upload system. It worked for years. Oh well.

Thank you so much and I let Stefie know that you and others have sent messages of Congratulations for her recent wedding. We love, love, love our new son-in-law, Brice!

Blessings to you too!