Saturday, July 8, 2017

# 573 - Rooster Love

Our roosters are kind of adorable, even when mean-mugging me.

They are big, healthy boys who get along and wake us every morning to their crowing.

Sometimes it seems they are posing for me, literally strutting their stuff. Roosters can look quite regal. This is Pavarotti; he's got a beautiful voice.

I love the classic rooster stance with one foot in the air. The roos look great when shaking their tail feathers.

I think I heard him whisper under his breath, "Don't hate me because I'm beautiful."


LindaG said...

Lovely roosters.
Sorry I missed this post.

Checking in and hoping you are all well. God bless.

Susan Nielsen said...

I watch what Starry Hilder posts on YouTube. Her solution for the mean rooster is put a small fence around him when she is in the Chicken Manor because he strikes out at her. With the fence around him, he can still watch his girls and she can clean the coop without being harassed.

Another topic: How is the hurricane affecting you?

Susan in California

Karen said...

Lana, your roosters are gorgeous! But I've never had luck keeping one that didn't want to attack me. Apparently, you have the gift of rooster=wrangling!