Friday, December 9, 2011

#151 - Country House Details and Metal Building Prices

I was taught that the details creates an overall statement when it comes to decorating. For our country cabin, I want to steer clear of industrialized products as much as I can. I'd rather purchase odd things for the house that are hand-made by local artisans.

I don't want a typical house this time around...I've done that already...quite a few times. This next cabin in the woods will be a fun home for Deputy David and I to explore our fun side while giving the house character. It will surely be a challenge to think out of the box.

Below, there is a chandelier made from antlers...this is different and I like it.

What about this bathroom and the different kinds of wood designs at play?

Okay, this picture below is a MUST in our next house...floor to ceiling shallow shelving so that I can store things and not have to dig to find what I want. I'd rather go all the way to the ceiling with shallow, short shelves and get as much space for storage as I can grab.

Now, a country cabin cannot have regular, plastic switch plate covers. Noooooo, we must have irregular home-make wood switch plate covers, hopefully made from the trees on our land.

And for some interesting conversational pieces where it most counts, how about this toilet paper holder? It has a raw, wholesome element to it that might make the entire experience even MORE organic that it's going to be. Irk.

With January fast approaching, we are getting ready to put a sign in the yard. But, first we must replace our front door, replace a few window sills, do some exterior painting and I should do a bit of pre-packing in certain areas...such as putting away all of the girls china dolls from their childhood that are on display in a bedroom upstairs...not everyone digs china dolls.

Also, Deputy Dave and I found a rather huge "Barn" metal building this week that we liked. It is 32X40 and near 16' at the peak, but all side walls are 8'. They had advertised this building to be $23,000. however the price was reduced to $17,500. We do believe we can find one for a much better price, but we're off to a good start.

The great thing is...we have our dimensions down and know how many overhead doors, etc., we would like for our storage building. It will be so nice to have a structure this large on the property and it would even accommodate having a second story built inside of the building for added storage space. There's no doubt that Deputy Dave will soon be getting his dream work shop. He will have a place to hang out and create whatever woodworking project he wants to tackle. I may join him and make a few small projects myself. I can only imagine the things we'll come up with! But, to start, he'll be focusing on our cabin since he'll be handling most of the construction himself.

It will also certainly be nice to finally have a place to store the lawn tractor, the utility trailer and anything else that needs to be stowed away --- with plenty room to spare. I'm so excited about it because we've always been relegated to a tight two-car garage where there's no enough room to keep all of the tools and garden supplies AND a vehicle, but our building will be so large that we will definitely be spoiled. We'll still be checking prices with some other companies, but it's looking pretty good so far.

Each week, we take more steps toward making it to the land full-time. I think that once the sign goes up in our yard that we'll be a bit shocked. It will be weird.

Of course, once a potential buyer comes to our house and sees the chickens in the backyard, they will no longer wonder about our reasons for moving...they will clearly be able to see that these sellers are definitely moving to enjoy a life in the country.

And these sellers will be taking their chickens with them!

It will be a new beginning for all of us!


Stevie said...

How exciting! Definitely get your buildings as big as you can afford (or maybe even bigger than you can afford) because once you are living there you will find it's not big enough. Our barn has a million "additions" and I would still like more space :)
Stevie @

Dreaming said...

Pretty, pretty details! I bet you are having fun 'collecting' ideas!

LindaG said...

There are a few really good ideas there. :)