Friday, December 23, 2011

#158 - Mutant on Wheels

This past week, as I am driving on a Houston-area highway, I notice something strange out of the corner of my eye.

Holding my camera upward, I snap shots without even taking a look. My peripheral vision is actually wanting to catch a straight-forward glance, but I know I'll get to take a closer look once the pictures are uploaded. But, I can't help that a dinosaur spine along the top of that car?

Surely my eyes are playing tricks on me. I speed up so that I can do a double-take.

I think that perhaps all of the petro-chemicals floating in the air had an impact on this vehicle. It's been morphed into a mutant on wheels.

Fair Warning: Folks, this is what happens when you live around chemical plants for too long. I should know, the third arm growing out of my back does help me to look extra friendly during that reverse-sided wave.

Alrighty...I'll just keep driving as I blink a few times really hard to make sure that my eyes are clear and that the monsters on the road disappear.

Man, I really do think I need some glasses. Very soon.


Tombstone Livestock said...

LOL, you know you just gave California law makers something to spend thousands of dollars on writing a new law. They wrote a law regarding cell phone usage ........ but they didn't even think about text messages so back to the drawing board and took them another year to rewrite the cell phone law. Now they will have to add one about driving and taking pictures ............ I'm surprised they haven't writen one about driving and eating yet... well guess they can't fight fast food lobbyists ............

Lana at said...

Oh yes, in Texas we have laws on the books about using a cell phone while in a school zone. Talk about Southern progress! And yes, I am the person who holds the phone up and clicks while crusing. As for the lawmakers and their boredom, I think they should add...penalties for the government installing too many distracting signs along the road for us drivers to get whiplash while trying to read, and you are right about fast food...maybe they'll one day suggest that ALL drive-throughs will have to be outlawed so that no one chances actually sneaking a frenchfry while driving; the lipstick gal---she should be electrocuted and the man who listens to sports while driving should be sentenced to life behind bars...and what about the music that pounds all surrounding mass; and why do we make cars that go over 100mph if we are only to be ticketed for testing it out on a lonely Texas or California road?

Oh'd never think it from the above silliness, but I do believe that texting and driving is a problem because a person actually has to make sure they are WRITING their proper thoughts while driving and/or they are busy READING a screen while simultaneously driving, which is ridiculous, but all of these other "distractions" that we've grown up with have been a part of our lives as drivers. However, that said, I hope to get something even juicier my next roadtrip, but I always keep my eye on the road, hence the crooked shots. But, that's the beauty of drive-by photography!!!!! No need to look at what you are shooting, just shoot!

Lana :-)

ღ soraya ღ said...

nice post! thank you for sharing...happy holidays...blessings soraya

Leigh said...

That is too cool! Not that I would want one mind you, or be caught dead in one. ;) Quite a road find however.

Lana at said...

Thank you was fun writing this post.

Leigh --- I'm with you, it was interesting to see, but not to think about being in my driveway!! Houston has a yearly, famous Art Car Festival and Parade, I'm thinking this car might be a part of it. At least that would be excuse for that car to look that way!!


WhisperingWriter said...

Wow, crazy car.

Merry Christmas!

Karen said...

Lana, now there's a car that's actually older than anything we drive around here, a True Dinosaur!

They wouldn't like that car up here, though, it would be really hard to shovel snow off the spikes. But, then again, if they rolled over they'd probably go over only once and the spikes would stick in a snowbank and they'd be fine.

Love it, what a hoot.