Tuesday, December 11, 2012

# 379 - Might We Have a Buyer for the House?

After having our house on and off the market for a few months, we have been starting to wonder if this economy was going to ever deliver a qualified buyer to our doorstep. It's a tough world out there in today's non-thriving economy.

Anyway, this past weekend we had a couple come look at our house and these buyers took a look at our friend's house that is for sale across the street. Wouldn't you know it? We put our house up for sale and our long-time neighbors decide that they want to do the same.

Copycats. Blah for the competition on the same street!

Over here, at my lovely abode, you will get a beautiful home that has a backyard with a vegetable garden and chickens. Over there, at the traitor's house, I mean, our neighbor's house, you get an extensive outdoor space with pool, outdoor kitchen, patio, etc., but no green space and the backyard is much smaller than ours. Besides...Who wants a pool in this tropical weather section of Texas? Hey...our lot is larger and we have a detached garage.

Am I selling it to you?

I promise you that this "chicken house" is more memorable!

I will miss our unique foyer - so far away
from the kitchen sink, just the way I like it!
We have fun with our neighbors. Often, we will be looking across the street at each other as we all gather into our vehicles to leave for our houses to have showings. We all park down the end of our street and watch. We watch the families go from their house and then we watch as they walk across the street to our house.

We all go home from our hiding spots around the corner and as we're exiting our vehicles across from one another, I yell across the street to my neighbor, "I hope they enjoyed visiting your termites!"

They laugh and give me a smirk while saying, "At least they're more quiet than your ghosts!"

Yep, it's fun around here.

To make the excitement build, this last potential buyer has let both of our agents know that their decision is down to either our house or the one across the street. Little did the buyer know, we are all friends and have already made a pact to not further reduce the sale's prices of our homes, which we have ALREADY done, neither one of us is willing to reduce further.

That being said, if the family wants a jam-packed summer wonder-land backyard, but not have room for a shed and to have a driveway that cannot fit but two cars, then the house across the street is for them. That house is decorated beautifully. She knows how to stage a house like it's going to be in a magazine.

My house is "homey" and not always matching...just the way I like it.

If that family wants our house, they get a LOT of driveway, a detached two-car garage, larger lot with a pool-sized backyard and lots of green space. The chickens are NOT part of the deal.

I guess we'll see what the buyer decides. Our house is less expensive, of course. We don't have all the money put into the backyard that they do, but we must be content with laying under the sprinkler in the summertime.

Maybe the buyers will submit an offer this week. I guess we will see. It's up to the Good Lord. If He wants these people to buy our house, then it will happen. Our neighbors are itching to move because they already have another house in line to buy, just about two miles from here, closer to the bay.

As for us, if we sell this house, then we will be thrown into the topsy-turvey world of trying to get settled in the country. We might have to get an RV put at some half-way point between the land and downtown Houston, but we'll at least get a start on building our cabin. Things will be high-pressured, that's for sure.

The good part will be...we will be able to have very peaceful days on our land in between the chaos of moving and trying to get everything in order.

If our house sells, I will know that it is meant to be. We will be making a huge leap into the country, full-time, and I admit...I AM TERRIFIED!




It's okay...I'm calm again. The good thing is, we just got new IPhones that get great reception on our land, so I will be able to FaceTime with my family members. This means my cell phone has abilities to talk and to see the person talking on the screen, so we can check in on a regular basis. I can talk with Deputy Dave or my sister and then turn the camera around to show the pretty skunk crossing my path. It'll be GREAT!

On the bright side, it will be INCREDIBLE to not have to pay on this mortgage --- this massive house has become a ball and chain. It's too much for me to keep up with on a daily basis. I clean room after room after room that no one uses. The study remains in a perpetual state of disarray. I have almost 3,000 square feet of floorspace to keep clean and that's nothing to sneeze at. I can easily take away half of this house, approximately 1,500 square feet, and still be gloriously happy. Not to mention, no more carpeted stairs to deal with every day as I try to hunt down my favorite broom and then realize the stairs need to be vacuumed, one by one, back-breaking yukiness.

However, I do love this house. It's a beauty. The "WOW" factors will be missed, but we will just have to create some new "WOW" factors in the country. I do think we'll enjoy having company more often in the country than we do in the city house. No one will have to wonder about where to find a spot to park!

So, my anxiety is churning tonight. I'm wondering if I am going to be spiraling into a world of non-stop packing and stress from knowing our house is about to belong to someone else.

Then again, the buyers could choose the house across the street with the money-siphoning swimming pool. Hope they don't like to have their money siphoned; I hope they like sprinklers.


Vickie said...

Best of luck Lana! I think your house is beautiful - I don't think the house across the street could be any more lovely! We're all anxious to hear the results!

Susan Flett Swiderski said...

Que sera, sera. Good luck! (Your house is gorgeous... I'd pick it over something more formal and staged.)

LindaG said...

You are fine with animals.

God bless! ♥ said...

Vickie - Thank you! The house across the street is pretty awesome, I have to admit. But, our price is awesome! :-)

Sara - Isn't that the truth! I grew up with my mother saying that constantly and it's one of my own sayings, Que sera, sera - What will be, will be. I just hope the Que sera, sera goes toward my house selling! haha And, I do hope the buyers liked our "homey" environment.

Linda - You are too sweet! I must be okay, well, the two of us manage to keep the animals alive, healthy and happy, so we're doing something right. Our last dog lived to the ripe old age of approximately 16 years!


The Kelly's Adventures in KY said...

I'm so excited for you! Who needs a fancy smancy pool! Your house looks beautiful in these shots. Your move to your land will be a joyous one, and how fun that your phone works so well out there! You won't miss a beat.

Anonymous said...

How weird is that? Although, I guess if they want to be in your area it makes sense.
Good luck AND happy moving.Beth said...

The Kelly's - It's funny because our neighbors who are selling their house are sick and tired of having a pool to maintain. Their utility bills, especially electric are outrageous. Makes me thankful to not have a pool.

Beth - Our neighbors came and spoke to us before they put the sign in the yard, to "warn" us that they were following in our footsteps. They were the neighbors who protested the MOST about us moving...not happy we were moving...then THEY put their house up for sale too! We've had such good times with them over the years. Hard to believe this street will be without all of us pepping things up around here!