Friday, December 14, 2012

# 380 - Day of Devastation

Newtown, Connecticut unwillingly became world news today after one of their elementary schools encountered a crazed shooter who had even shot his own mother, then headed to the local elementary school to kill innocent children between the ages of 5-10, along with more adults gunned down in the school, principal included.

I cannot fathom any evil being darker than a person who is able to walk into an elementary school and gun down child after child after child and adults, destruction at its most debased level.

I cannot imagine being an adult of such heavy responsibility while in the midst of young children being slaughtered, the overwhelming urge to protect them is known as you realize your job might require you to forfeit your life in such service.

Christmas is near, school holidays are almost at hand, and this school, like all others around this nation, was full of the joyful anticipation attached to this beautiful holiday. This should have been a happy time with a holiday approaching for these children to spend more time at home, with their families. Instead, this will be a time when many of these families will be preparing for funerals.

For many families who lost loved ones in this massacre today, there won't be a joyful anticipation of opening Christmas presents in a few days because they will instead be wrapping up the most precious parts of their lives with finality, enclosing a future lost and burying potential.

As a mom, I cannot grasp the depths of such horror, tragedy and unending loss. The magnitude of sickening sadness for this school and community is almost too much to witness at a "safe distance" because all of us who have a loved one can feel the dread of such a loss. I cannot comprehend the level of devastation this community will be facing for a long time.

All I can think is that the survival of those left will need to focus on the beauty that came from the lives of those innocent children and from the adults who were an integral part of their community. Honoring the ones lost today can be served by living a good life for them...somehow turning the evil into helpful knowledge that might make a difference elsewhere.

This Christmas, there will be more angelic voices joining Heaven's choir, but I sure do wish they would have had more time here on Earth to sing with beautiful childish voices and I know the adults taken from their families will have their own voices missed with heartaches. Somehow, it's the voices we long to hear once again.

Yet, in their silence, they are heard.


Dreaming said...

You have written so many of my thoughts about the horror of today. I keep coming back to how terrible this season will be for the impacted families from this point forward.

Karen said...

Lana, when I heard about this tragedy this morning, I had to sit down and cry. All I can think of are the families and their loss. My heart and prayers go out to them all.

mary i said...

Thank You for these words. I just found out about this tragedy. My Prayers are there for all affected. They need to hear all of our prayers.

LindaG said...


Anonymous said...

This evil is too hard for our hearts , it is not to be understood. That is why we turn these things over to the Lord, for him to deal with.
Love one another, it is the best thing to rid us of this evil, it cannot withstand the power of love.
Love your children, love your neighbors, love your spouse, love your animals (yes , that is love) if it makes you happy , if it makes you joyous , it is is the answer. True love....not just the words that you can say and don't mean. Beth

Stacie, A Firefighter's Wife said...

I too pray for the victim's family as they face the most precious holiday of the year without their children. It is horrific and it makes me remember that this world is not my true home.