Wednesday, April 16, 2014

# 508 - Almost One Year in the RV: Country Life

Construction update: We have met with our loan officer. However, building on raw acreage brings an inordinate level of difficulty to the building process. But, we are up for the challenge.

Right now, I am pressed to prepare a rather substantial proposal-construction package for us to finish the loan process and to get closed on our construction loan so we can start building.

We are now about 35 days shy of living on our acreage, in an RV, for one year! Can you believe it?

The first barn structure on our acreage.

From the beginning, we knew that we would likely wait one year before starting the building process, mostly because we wanted to actually live on the land throughout one year and through changing seasons before building.

I am thankful we decided to be patient.

Our first week in the country.
A few months later.
Loving those summer nights in the country!
The moon and stars suddenly have become visible, in a new way.

That patience has been invaluable in teaching us exactly how our land responds to different weather conditions. That has prompted us to build on the opposite side of our acreage, a couple of acres away from the RV site we've enjoyed for almost 11 months.

Lately, my oldest daughter, Heather, has been enjoying time here in the country, with her daughter. Heather is introducing her daughter (my first grand-child) to our family acreage in the country environment of the Big Thicket...we are also located in a part of Texas dubbed "The Piney Woods." My beautiful daughter is traveling back and forth from the Fort Worth area to the Livingston area to spend extra time with us and to help me coordinate efforts to build our next home.

Since Heather's husband owns a commercial construction business, they are going to help review the sub-contractor's bids and make sure things are on track in ways that I probably would not think about.

Heather, Coraline and Henry. Lol.

The really great part of all of this is that Heather and her husband own a nice, roomy fifth wheel that has been set up next to ours for visits as we go through these challenging months ahead.

A bonus of being able to spend extra time with Heather has been our time sewing together! We gave Heather a very nice sewing machine a couple of years ago, and we've been in this tight RV space USING that sewing machine to make the most awesome items for babies and children to add to Heather's online boutique for babies and children.

Bandana Bibs

Heather is extremely creative, so I am happy to teach my daughter some of my sewing skills that had also been used during her make adorable clothes for Heather and her sissy, along with other unique things!

My daughters wearing dresses I made
for them.
And now, my grand-goodie is getting to wear things that her mommy makes for her!

Sleepy Coraline still enjoying her mom and Nana picking out fabrics.

To check out Heather's work, check out the Facebook page below and feel free to "LIKE" it and give a shout out that you got the map to her page from her old momma!

As for my sweet grand-baby Coraline, she absolutely loves the forest environment. Once she is outside, she is literally fixated on a tree blowing in the wind, then she shifts her view to a bird at the feeder and is mesmerized, then she sees a is never boring.

She's in her 7th month in this world outside of comfy womb-service, and she is a smart fart! It won't be long until her mom sees that baby RUNNING here and there, especially because she already pulls up onto furniture and free stands. Since Heather and her sister Stefie were walking by 8 months of age, I am sure Coraline will be walking very soon as well.

Oh Lord. We better get that house built so that our growing family can have the desperately needed extra room to move around!

So, even with all the chaos that constantly surrounds our busy lives, I've been enjoying my special time with Coraline and Heather.

My daughter and grand-daughter. Heather & Coraline.

I am 45 years old; Coraline is my first grand-baby and truly one of the greatest joys in my life. It was worth waiting 45 years to enjoy the treasure of a grand-baby!

Let's just hope it won't take another 45 years to build our house in the country!

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