Thursday, April 24, 2014

# 510 - An Acreage Tour, on Easter Day

Years ago, we drove out here with friends and family to spend Easter on this acreage and to have an awesome 3-acre Easter Egg hunt. We've had great times out here during the years we lived in the Greater Houston area and came here on weekends and during summer break.

Over the years, Easter has always been special.

Heather & Stefie, years ago on Easter Sunday.
Now, we live on our acreage. The beautiful memories are now increasing, exponentially.

This Easter, our first grand-baby, Coraline, came to spend the weekend with us. I can't even express how much fun I had as I played Easter-Bunny again.

We tried taking Easter pictures, but a seven-month old baby loves to eat ANYTHING. Since we live in the Big Thicket forest, I kept saying, "Coraline loves the taste of the Big Thicket!"

Don't worry, we didn't let the baby chew or swallow any terrible dirt!

But, that didn't stop her from continuing to try to eat the Big Thicket.

Who would've thought an entire crew would be needed to get pictures of a baby?

Coraline's daddy put on quite a show as he tried to get her to stop eating the Big Thicket and look upward for a few pictures. Actually, this caused me to find the son-in-law to be more picture-worthy, at the moment, than was the grand-goodie.

On Easter Sunday, our family went for a nature hike through our forest. It was a gorgeous day. Sgt. Dave, I mean...Pappy, enjoyed holding his grand-daughter's hand as we walked.

The previous night, we could hear a massive tree crash in the distance, on our property. During our walk, we found the tree along with a huge beehive with swarming bees at the nest near the ground. Pappy nearly ran into the swarm to collect the honey comb. Not good.

Our walk through the forest was incredible. Of course, for our daughter carrying a baby on her back, she really got a work-out. And Henry, being over 6'5" had a lot of ducking to do along our hike.

Then, we come to the creek that our daughter has crossed hundreds of times. I kind of wanted to turn back or stomp across the creek waters, but she is in incredible shape, has awesome balance and wanted to keep going. Heather and Coraline made quite an impressive team.

And, Heather begins to cross...

Both girls are looking seems like a long way down. Nana is feeling nervous.

Heather takes it nice and slow, working her way to her daddy as her husband is anxiously on the opposite side of the creek and saying, "Heather...don't forget to fall FORWARD, if you fall."


Of all those who crossed, I probably worried about Henry-the-Hulk the most. I wasn't so sure those trees would carry the load of his large stature. But, he took his time with his size 14 or 15 feet, and he made it safely across.

Just a little ways more to go and we end up at the backside of the acreage, at the spring-fed lake. Henry had never been here before, so all of this was brand new to him and to Coraline.

And Henry thinks we should build the house right in this area to get this view. If access were easier, we'd do it in a heartbeat.

I sure do love these three!

On the way back to the home-site.

Don't worry, we cross another part of the creek. First, we need to re-hydrate.

Again, Heather and Coraline are flanked by the two men who most love those girls, Heather's husband and Heather's daddy. And as Heather walks down into the creekbed, Coraline is reaching out to grab anything she can touch. Our children...always inquisitive.

And this gal, Heather, is my first baby.

I love having a beautiful spring-fed creek on our property. It's a dream come true for me...a wish-list item I am thankful to enjoy.

By the end of our nature hike, this is how things looked. Baby Coraline was worn out.

I am a blessed woman to have these beauties in my life. Love truly does create chain reactions of goodness, if only you honor God and put Him first, things have a way of being pretty darn awesome. Not perfect, but I know how to count my blessings. Don't ever focus on the things that go wrong here and there, just don't magnify the yucky things and instead focus upon and feed upon the good in life.

Here is another shot of my girls after Easter, much like Coraline,
exhausted and content.

Nana, Coraline and Pappy

Nana and Pappy have enjoyed this day beyond compare.

Nana loves sweet Coraline.

Christ has risen; His promises are true. I rejoice in this day.

Blog Buddies...savor life and do your best to always have an Easter-kind of moment each day, go for the best in life while also enjoying what you have at this moment in time. And if you want...go ahead and cross your challenging bridge! I KNOW you can do it!


LindaG said...

I used to eat dirt and grass and chew on acorns when I was little, haha.

You can always build a fishing cabin at your lake. ;-)

Hope you all have a wonderful Friday and a blessed weekend, Lana. ♥

A Primitive Homestead said...

Oh how she has grown. The Apple of your eye I see. So nice they could spend Easter with you. Beautiful family photos.