Monday, May 12, 2014

# 512 - A Copperhead Kind of Day

For the past few days, I've not felt very well, so my stamina and abilities are low. I am trying to get through this bout of being sick, but it is so hard to rest when your yard beckons you to come work, garden, play, and be free!

May 2014
So, it was a great that last week we were able to spend a lot of time outside getting things accomplished.

At one point, I was working in an area that had inadvertently become a landing zone for a bunch of stuff, and it was looking crappy. So, Sgt. Dave agreed to work with me in the area that lay between our RV and the barn and shed. The weeds had grown thick among the trees in this area that also held two kayaks laying against a tree, old fishing equipment, and pieces of wood and a few bricks.
We began moving everything.

Here is the area where we were working---area with trees.

Then, since I could not fit the lawn tractor through much of this area, I wanted the area weed-eated. First, I had to go move the old boards that were laying across the top of the septic tank lid and remove old bricks that had piled up next to the boards.

Since I am too comfortable on the land, I was walking around in my summer clothes...wearing my comfortable flip flops and fabric gloves to keep my hands from getting filthy.

However, before moving the boards and bricks, I noticed the wild blackberry vines tangled with plenty of ripe blackberries ready to be picked. Aware that snakes love blackberries, I began to carefully pull the leaves aside to find the ripest berries closest to the ground. Within ten minutes, I had a handful of berries to bring inside.

Then, back outside I went to finish cleaning up the area.

I lifted old boards off the top of the covered septic tank, carefully, keeping an eye on my surroundings. Everything went great; I worked steady and took my time...clearing the entire area so it could get a beauty treatment!

As soon as I walked away with my last bit of debris, Sgt. Dave had perfect timing and stepped over to use the weed-eater to slice through the mess of thorny blackberry vines.

Since this area is so close to the RV's (both ours and Heather's), I was glad that it was finally hitting our list of priorities.

However, within the first couple of minutes of his weed-whacking...Sgt. Dave let out a loud, "Augghhh!"

I stopped what I was doing, even though I could not see him, I knew that sound was not a good one. The weed-eater stopped. And I peered around the corner at him and asked, "What's up?"

Then, I noticed he was walking with a snake to the burn pit. I ran to get my camera, of course. Taking photos, I initially thought the snake to be a Rattlesnake that was shedding, especially since we have several varieties out here.

Turns out, it is a Copperhead. One of the first I have seen, in person.

Then, he tells me that he killed the snake with the weed-eater in the exact same spot where I had been spending the last hour...picking berries, picking up bricks and clearing out old wood.

I would be lying if I said I didn't feel a lump in my throat. Looking at the dead snake, I knew that I probably would not have seen it because of it's camouflaging markings. Sgt. Dave said he only saw the snake because it was moving, coming at him. Copperheads are very aggressive.

Needless to say, the Copperhead lost its battle with the weed-eater.

And for everyone out there in blog land...I hope you found a reason to celebrate the wonderful moms in your life. As for me, I was spoiled by Sgt. Dave all day long and given beautiful tributes by my daughters. Sgt. Dave made me a great dinner of grilled Wild Salmon, Lobster Bisque and green beans with Lemon Meringue Pie for dessert. And, I loved the beautiful roses he bought for me, too.

Life is filled with good and bad. But, the days that smell like roses sure are wonderful!


LindaG said...

Thank God that He was watching over you.
We have blackberries here. And overgrowth on most of the fence.
I did NOT know that snakes like blackberries.

I made my first cobbler today. With wild blackberries.

Hope you feel better, soon. Have a wonderful week! ♥

Carolyn said...

I used to relocate the snakes (yes, even the copperheads), but then our daughter came along. Now the poisonous ones and the egg-eating black snakes are dispatched without much hesitation, others I let bet.

Glad you had a great Mother's Day :) said...

Linda - I be that cobbler will be delicious! We are picking this weekend. All this rain will make for very plump blackberry picking! Snakes do love the berries, so we always use a stick when picking berries, we first poke the stick and swish it back and forth through the area where we will be picking to make sure none are lurking and we also use the stick to hold back some of the vines so we can see better. We have a great method for picking, but sometimes, those berries go straight to the mouth! And I went to the doctor today, so I am hoping to be feeling better soon! :-)

Carolyn - We always tried to go the other direction, but it seems that these snakes are so aggressive. I cannot even imagine how many snakes there are that we don't see. I guess that once the kiddos are in their line of fire, we know what we've got to do to put the safety of the children first. I have been extra careful lately.