Saturday, May 24, 2014

# 515 - Grads, Moles and Eyebrows!

This has been an exciting time for our family. Brice (Stefie's long-time boyfriend) has just graduated with his degree in Criminal Justice.

We are very proud of Brice.

Me and Brice - this past Friday night at his graduation party.
During Brice's college days, I gladly helped out with tutoring during research paper writing assignments as well as provided proof-reading and editing assistance. But, the arrangement between us was, "I will help with the paper, and you build my house."

After helping with a paper, I would look out the window over the acreage and say, "I don't see my house yet!"

Brice graduated a week ago, and he presented me with a gift...a house!

Actually, his effort was so sweet, and I will be keeping this house he built with his own hands! :-)

To me, this is a sculpture with a story behind it. Every time I see it, I will remember the joking that we enjoyed during the years he went to college.

Also, during the past couple of weeks, we had another great visit in the country with Stefie and Brice for several days. Those two enjoy going for walks and savoring the peace of the country. But, I love watching them try to run from the chickens and from having their feet pecked.

And Howdy is still in charge. At least he thinks he is in charge.

But, Gracie, the puppy we found in the woods, is a true farm dog. She has gotten to the point of rarely electing to coming indoors. She stays outside. Grace prefers to be with the chickens.

Another thing Gracie is great at...she LOVES putting her nose to the ground to sniff along all the mole trails we have zig-zagging through the land, then she zeros in on their location, digs like crazy and we end up with these...

Gracie is a hunter. No doubt about it. A mole hunter.

As for me, going to Brice's graduation party yesterday meant that I got to take my mop of curly hair out of the perpetual pony-tail, and I got to wear something other than my holy, dirt-stained farm clothes, and put on make-up!

I had to prove that I could still get out of the country-mode as I was preparing to drive off the acreage yesterday...

Good thing Stefie contoured my eyebrows for me this past week, and I did her eyebrows for her. It is SO NICE to have daughters who can save you time and money by helping you avoid "professional" contouring. Well, you know I was born and raised in the Greater Houston area, so those kinds of things were "normal" for us. Only, we girls learned how to do it ourselves. Thank Goodness Stefie came for a visit so we could tackle out-of-control eyebrows!

I thought you might enjoy that tidbit of family fact...we are eyebrow specialists. Lol.

I think Stefie's great eyebrows make her look awesome! The's ALL ABOUT the eyebrows!

Too bad Brice doesn't let us touch one hair on his chinny-chin-chin, or touch his mustache, or sideburns. Actually, the extra-hairy look works for him, but for Stefie and me...not so much.

Life is awesome. I sure thank the Lord for our blessings, even for the rogue eyebrow hairs that were missed. Life is pretty great.


LindaG said...


The Lord has blessed us, too. Sometimes I get jealous that we don't have livestock yet; or that we don't have on property access to open water; but then I remind myself that we are really and truly blessed.

Have a blessed weekend and thanks for your service! ♥ said...

Linda - I definitely have too many chickens. But, will be selling a few as laying hens to alleviate the over-crowding. Our lake is several acres away from the home-site, so we don't go there frequently, but I am glad to have it to enjoy. I tell you...your Pecan trees are something we would LOVE to have as well! We talked about it this past week...we need to plant some pecan trees soon.


Ian H said...

Congratulations to all! And by the way, from one ex-mud-wallowing farm guy to another " you done cleaned up real good!" :-} said...

Ian -- Thanks! Lol. Mud wallowing is our specialty around here!