Wednesday, June 18, 2014

# 516 - Funky Chickens & A Fun Niece

Life in the country...this past week.

My husband was doing work on his acreage when he came across this nice beauty. Don't be fooled by the myths about turtles moving slow because this fellow left first-gear scratches in a take-off!

Sadly, we lost a chicken this week. I pulled awful duty after finding the dead chicken and then cremating it since we can't bury much out here without some other critter digging it up. However, moments with the funky chicken in the group brought back my perspective and good humor.

The chicken in the background has this massive hair-do that cracks me up.

There are two fluff-balls in the shot below. I believe these are "Silkies?" The black one has definitely imprinted upon me. She RUNS to meet me when she sees me coming her way...she continually weaves her way among my feet and often ends up standing on my feet. She is the sweetest chicken since Ms. Speckles...a little Bantam I loved and lost a couple of years ago.

And the white Silky has feathers on her feet, but the black one doesn't. My grown daughters picked out these chickens along with Stefie's boyfriend, Brice.

This past week was also a special time for us because my youngest niece, Shaye, came to spend an entire week with us in the country. She is seven years old and LOVES the country. Every day she helped me tend to the chickens, she helped me rescue one from being badly tangled in bird netting, and she played outside with plenty of room to run around to be a kid!

But, the photo below was our last day together, spent at the mechanic's to get an inspection on the old Chevy. It was so HOT!

Shaye loved being able to play in the rain, as long as there wasn't any thunder to be heard, and of course, no lightening. Then, she enjoyed the water hose for hours!

This aren't going as I wanted them to go this summer with building a home, but I am learning to be more patient.

I think.

Maybe I will be able to get back on track this coming week since I am ready to live inside a house again. Living in this RV has been a great camping adventure this year, but I am ready to settle down again...minus the wheels. Lol.


Rancher Girl said...

HA! We lived in an RV for a period of time, while our house was being built. I feel your pain!

Rancher Girl said...

Ha! I know how you feel. We lived in an RV, for a period of time, while our house was being built. I feel your pain!

LindaG said...

The chickens with the 'hairdos' are definitely silkies. I think you follow Mike's blog? He still has a silkie or two.

The chicken with the pea comb? I'm not sure about that, but glad you still have some chickens.

So glad you got to see Shaye, too! Enjoy!

The Kelly's Adventures in KY said...

Glad to see you back :) Sorry to hear about your chicken... your niece sure seems to be eating the country life up. Looks like you might have a future lil' farmer that you've inspired.

Mike said...

Yep, the 2 fluff balls are Silkies. There skin is black. Looks like you have a White Jersey Giant and the funky chicken looks to be a Rhode Island Red (RIR).