Wednesday, July 9, 2014

# 518 - New Flock of Big Girls!

Having lots of chicks follow Sgt. Dave around is a dream-come-true for him. Of course, he never thought they would be the kind of chicks that have no control of their sphincter muscle and that eat with their face, but they are adorable! He's a lucky man!

My chickens are now laying eggs. They began laying over a week ago. I am concerned that some are wandering around the acreage to lay eggs in their own hidden nesting area, but we do have several going to the coop nests every day to do their laying. The best scenario would have been to have the chickens behind a coop fenced area for a bit, until they become accustomed to coming to laying their eggs in the coop nests, consistently.

Regardless, I am getting beautiful white and brown eggs. The eggs always start off small as the hen begins to lay, then the eggs increasingly become more large as the hens gain laying experience.

The back two eggs are the average size of most eggs being laid. The
larger egg in front was the first egg that was more substantial in size.

For now, they are rather small eggs, but the eggs will also help cut down on our dog food costs since I boil eggs and give them to the dogs, as a treat. I just cut the hard-boiled egg in half, and the dogs have a great time digging the egg out of the half-shell.

We have several kinds of chickens in this big flock of 26 remaining chickens.

Our chickens are entertaining. They are functional. They are producers of nutritious food for our table.

I have lost two chickens out of a total of 29. Not bad stats for getting tiny chicks that are only days old and nurturing them until they are egg-laying age and looking beautifully robust!

I love my Plymouth Barred Rock chickens...they are very interactive and chatty.

I went on a hike with the dogs a couple of days ago and the chickens always follow me into the woods for as long as they can, then once they hit their personal outer boundary, they turn back.

My chickens are now becoming big girls...full-fledged egg-laying hens.

I think it's about time for some Quiche with swiss cheese and freshly sliced mushrooms. Oh the yummy goodness of ultra fresh eggs from the coop!


The Kelly's Adventures in KY said...

Aww Congrats! They all look beautiful and healthy! That quiche sounds delicious as well! Happy baking!

Horst in Edmonton said...

Not a good idea to feed the dogs eggs as they will start to seek out the eggs for themselves and soon may end up killing your chickens. I lived on the farm in my youth and have had problems with dogs seeking and eating eggs in the nest in the coop. I've also had to destroy dogs for killing chickens. It's no fun to go out and shoot your pet for either of these offences.