Wednesday, July 30, 2014

# 523 - Fluffy Chicken Sweetness!

I now have 26 chickens. There are a couple of Bantams that my grown daughters picked out, and one in particular has managed to capture my heart.

Yes, chickens can capture our hearts, even Howdy's.

Howdy is a big black fluff-ball, and Baby is a tiny black fluff-ball.
Two adorable balls of fluffiness.

This little one follows me around, hops onto my feet, and sits in my arms comfortably, sometimes falling asleep cuddled against me.

I call her "Baby" because she is the little baby of the group. Her breed will make her the eternal baby of the group because she is a small breed, a Bantam.

But, her personality is completely adorable. Actually, I would love to set up separate accommodations for this little chicken and the little flock that she grew up with because they do stick together, except when I go outside, then Baby runs over to me and sticks with me.

She gives me a guilt complex for living indoors and for leaving her outside. I have to keep reminding myself that she is a chicken.

Yes, at little piece of me is in love with this little chickie.

It is amazing how a little ball of fluffy sweetness can make you smile.

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The Kelly's Adventures in KY said...

Ut oh! I can just see it now... Instead of having a little dog in the purse walking around, I think you have stumbled upon the ideal chicken to be able to tote around with you all day long. It may just be the latest fashion trend! :) Your little gal is a darling!! The Silkies are good brooders and mama's too.