Wednesday, September 10, 2014

# 526 - The RV-Life Blues

This outdoor kitchen is nicely done. We might have the carport area built with the backwall used as the backside to the outdoor kitchen. The outdoor kitchen would be looking out to the main part of the backyard. Since the main structure is already there, this might be the best and least expensive option for us to fit in the outdoor kitchen into our budget.

Imagine this outdoor kitchen at the backside of the carport, accessible out the back door, close to the side that has the home's main kitchen.
Rustic outdoor space.
Lately, it seems we are always exhausted. Life has been extremely taxing. However, I know that the coming months are not going to be any easier.
Tomorrow, I have a list of phone calls to make to get back on top of the construction plan. We are still trying to work out final details with the floorplan and have been traveling a bit out of town, then we caught a terrible cold that had indiscriminately made its way around the family like a germ atom bomb, and now I am simply drained.
RV living is not good for me. I have determined this because I always had space to walk around in our house, rooms to clean, and it was never-ending. However, the main part was that I had room to stretch my legs. In an RV, you have minimal room and walking the floor means you might send vibrations to the other person sharing the RV and the sounds in the main part of RV are atrocious because the main air-conditioning is attached to the ceiling in that room and it is LOUD and intrusive. The A/C is vented through to the rest of the RV, but the main living room is not so enjoyable right now.
In the photo below, the RV with the deck is ours. The fifth wheel belongs to my oldest daughter and her husband, Heather and Henry. They just took it off the acreage a couple of weeks ago, so that means our guest quarters has rolled away!
The RV with the deck is ours.
As Henry was pulling their fifth wheel down our private road, Sgt. Dave was guiding them because the growth in our forest over this past summer has been phenomenal.
Henry did a great job getting the fifth wheel off the land and onto the road for their home near Fort Worth, Texas, which is about four hours away from us. The following week, we would be traveling to see them for our grand-daughter's first birthday.
We have two entrances/exits to our acreage. The other side has the
massive commercial-grade culvert. This side does not have one. But,
Henry has a big truck that handled the hauling, perfectly.
As for our own RV, it's good for me to get so sick of the RV that the construction process will become more delightful. I feel as if I am running a marathon, but getting nowhere. Life can be like that, especially when the process is daunting.
Truthfully, part of the fear about digging in and starting the actual build process is that I will make a decision that really cannot be changed because it won't be affordable to make the change or it won't be structurally feasible. I am trying to build us a house that we have never seen, yet it is very close to what we have seen in person and is rather simple, even so, it is 100% custom. It is similar to the house we shared previously, but also a lot different, as far as siding, color, roof color and such is concerned.
My fear with getting started is that my time to back-track and change my mind will no longer be an option.
I remind myself that we are never stuck with anything in life, yet it is something that I can see is a struggle for my personality. It's been a learning lesson for me to discover more about myself during this process.
From House Beautiful on-line. I love some white in a kitchen. I love this
color, but my last house had green cabinetry and not everyone loved them.
One thing is for sure, once we are back in a house, I will be incredibly thankful to have SPACE.
This past year of being in a cubby hole, in a's been nice, in a way, especially to allow us time to live on our land, to simply "be" and to figure things out regarding the seasons with drainage on the acreage and such. However, I well surpassed my expiration date for RV living.
We better get back on track because my steam seems to let out a lot faster these days. As for my whining, here are some things on my mind about being tired of RV life...I need space to stretch out; I want my bookshelves to be full of my books; I want my piano to play during melancholy moments; I want a guest room ready at all times for my kids and grand-grandbaby to enjoy; I want a bathtub; I want a full kitchen with a real refrigerator/freezer that is FROST-FREE; and I want a real sofa to stretch out upon.
All of these things are luxuries, I know. And the world has such major issues that weigh upon me like a lead-weight, but in my tiny corner of this existence, these are my current feelings about RV life.
Perhaps this coming week will be a positive move toward finishing the floorplan changes, so we can keep moving forward until the day comes when we can call a permanent structure "home" instead of this box with a hitch. Ha Ha. Yes, I have the RV blues.


Charade said...

You've managed so long now, Lana, but I just can't imagine how it must feel to be facing the shorter daylight hours that are on the way and still be in cramped quarters. Don't add guilt to the mix by comparing your hardships to those of the truly oppressed and needy. Nothing in our lives can compare to their suffering, but that doesn't mean that we shouldn't strive for better days for ourselves and our families. Just hang in there, and sometime soon you'll be posting photos of the progress on your new home.

LindaG said...

Hubby and I put wall board with ducks, deer and sand dunes in our kitchen. We LOVE it.
His sister can't stand it.
We live here.
If you like green cabinets, make them green. If you want orange and pink (I saw one of the old houses I had grown up in, decades ago, painted those colors!), then by golly; paint them pink and orange.

It is YOUR HOME. YOU have to be happy there. (You and hubby, of course.)
If no one else likes it, well, sorry for that.

*hugs* Trust your instincts and your heart and go ahead and start.

Know what you mean about growth. We used to get so discouraged between trips. It grows so darned fast!

Hope you all have a blessed weekend, Lana. ♥ said...

Charade, you showed up with great advice at just the right time. Thank you for making a difference. :-) I heard you, for sure. And I appreciate it.

Linda, you have been such a great friend and I guess I still think too much about "general population" real estate decisions and sometimes forget that this entire process was to allow us to get away from the norm. I have to fight the inner urge to lean toward a people-pleasing kind of home that might not please ourselves. I wish we could have moved this old house down the street to our land...its an old Sears Catalog house...we would have had a BLAST with it! Someone bought the property it sits on a few months ago, the sign went up and before we could even investigate further, it sold. But, no one has moved into that old house, that is still in great condition. It is just sitting there. Kind of sad. I sometimes wish we could figure out a way to move it to our land, but I know the hills, etc., would make it extremely challenging. I am moving forward on all of our plans, it just seems to be at a snail's pace. :-)