Tuesday, October 14, 2014

# 527 - Finalizing Floorplan Details & Striving for Balance

Sgt. Dave finally moved the old fire-pit out of view. Thank God!

Living in the country means that each aspect of daily life must be considered because each decision impacts the view and appearance of the acreage.

After a summer of good rain and lots of mowing, the St. Augustine grass is growing nicely on part of the acreage.

Howdy and Gracie are two peas in a pod. They play several times a day, chasing each other around trees, cars, and other obstacles. They bring me a lot of laughter. Gracie has learned to play ball, her own way. She catches the ball and runs with it, making Howdy run after her. It's quite entertaining.

Liyla loves to sit in the sun and let her bones get some warmth; she's our old girl and is always smiling.

One of the goals that Sgt. Dave has been tackling lately is to burn the dead trees to the ground so that they don't fall on anyone and cause potential harm and/or death. We call these dead, towering trees, "Widow Makers." Now, he's taken down about three massive trees.

I also have something else that is new/old Trooper. This Trooper had once belonged to my sister, but now it is mine. In our family, we seem to keep our old vehicles in the family. This Trooper has been an amazing vehicle. She's an oldie, but a goodie. And...she looks good out here too.

The good news with the construction process is that we are finally making progress with our floorplan. All the details can be overwhelming, but the house, I believe, is going to be amazing.

We are having to get every single thing in order for the construction process because our builder, once he begins, will go fairly fast. His crew is one of those that works like crazy from sun-up to sun-down on each project to get the shell of the house finished very quickly. Once that is finished, we can begin pulling it all together, to make this place our new home.

Once we get the house built, I will finally be able to get all of our belongings out of storage that had been packed after we sold our last house.

I am trying to be patient for just a little while longer. Meanwhile, I also enjoy my chickens. I believe we are down to 19 chickens. They mostly stay safe in their chicken run, but they do free-range three days out of the week, minimum. However, it is usually at the cost of one of the chickens disappearing, I believe because of a hawk.

And, there are always reasons to go to Houston, but each time I go, it is confirmed to be a wise decision that we moved from the big city. The congestion of people and traffic, the bad smells and the lack of personal involvement that you enjoy in the country keeps me glad about going back home to the country. But, the city is beautiful, from a distance.

Life has some great balance, but I could strive for more. Thank goodness we have the big city with its Sushi bars to balance life in the country. Sushi always puts things into perspective with helping me enjoy visiting the city.

Sushi in the country...not so sure I'm comfortable with that idea, not just yet.

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