Thursday, April 2, 2015

# 546 - Man-Weather and Food

After weeks of rain, rain, rain that made the ground a sopping, mushy mess, we finally are enjoying gorgeous weather! This "living in between" on the acreage as we ready to build our country home has been difficult to endure during rainy days because of being stuck in an RV.

I can handle RV living on the decent days that allow us to get outside into wide, open spaces, but being here during days and days of rain that turns into weeks brings about a special kind of stir-crazy.

If I didn't love the outdoors so deeply, it wouldn't be so bad, but being cut off from being able to go on walks because the ground is a sponge becomes a challenge after three consecutive days.

Sgt. Dave has been BBQing just about every meal. It has been Heavenly!

The old pit is hanging in there!

The other day, he was in a mood to make brisket. Since our long-time favorite local BBQ restaurant closed down recently, I was thrilled. Lately, I have been craving chopped beef sandwiches, sliced beef and loaded beef spuds.

Sgt. Dave made this brisket PERFECT. I am a pure Texan and this brisket was the best I have ever eaten, in my life. The slices of beef were so tender that it began to fall apart in your hand. The bark on the brisket is the most flavorful I have ever tasted with the taste a perfect level of sweetness, with no bitterness.

For 3-4 days, I have eaten this brisket for at least one meal a day, and I still can't get enough of it. There is enough to put in the freezer tomorrow, but I am already mourning the fact that some of it will need to go into the freezer!

I have raved about this brisket, but Sgt. Dave told me, "What do you expect? This is the time for lots of BBQ because we have MAN-WEATHER!"

Yes, I love "Man-Weather." If it means I get a brisket every 2-4 weeks such as this, then I hope this "Man-Weather" lasts for an eternity.

I sure hope Heaven has "Man-Weather."