Thursday, April 9, 2015

# 547 - ME...HOUSE...EXCITED!

I feel like a caveman with my language because I am SO EXCITED about us inching close to our closing for our house! This month, hopefully within the next 10-15 days, we will be sitting at the bank and signing for our construction loan.

Of course, we are building a larger house than we originally intended because we did come to terms with the fact that long-term, having more room is important for numerous reasons...

1. Since we live a significant distance from our grown children and other family, most traveling to see us will be staying at least one night, so we need the room for them to be able to stay over, and we normally have a LOT of gatherings at our house.
2. Additions are more costly than adding ample square footage upfront. Additions often require more extensive roof issues. We decided to price the difference in the upfront cost of the extra square footage compared with potential costs down the road...upfront definitely won.
3. Having more room is better than not having enough. We can actually block off half of the second story so we don't have to fully heat and/or cool it, but the space is readily available.
4. Closet space is important and as the square footage goes down, the closet space takes a major hit. Also, I wanted to make sure our laundry room has ample room to store extra items, such as bulk items that can bring an overall savings for the budget.

I am also diligently working toward giving our house unique character. I am so excited because I found three stained glass windows that will go into our Master Bathroom.

I had been concerned about our wrap-around porch being too intrusive into private spaces, such as bathrooms, even with privacy glass. It felt like privacy glass was an UGLY option to have facing the porch. So, having these stained glass windows solves a lot of issues. The glass is mottled, so there is no clear visibility through it, yet it is beautiful.

While working with the local antiques dealer, I also decided to get this child's rocker to have in the living room for our grandbabies.

Then, I let this chair capture my attention because it is very similar to another antique chair I already own.

It almost time to celebrate!

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Michelle said...

Glad to hear things are moving along!