Thursday, June 4, 2015

# 552 - Clearing Land - a GrandBaby - a Niece!

The past two weeks have found us to be busy...nonstop. We first started with the unbelievably great experience of having our grandbaby Coraline with Nana and Pappy! I laughed about us being in an RV during our first extended visit with Coraline, but it was a blessing and rather easy to keep up with a 20 month old in a small space! She has stayed the night with us a few times before, but this visit was a week long visit...perfect!

Coraline and her babies as they are kissing goodnight!

Then, it became an extra delight to find that my daughter Heather had already been potty training Coraline and our stay gave her a warp push forward with potty training, probably because of the small space involved with our temporary living quarters. Soon, Coraline refused to wear a wet diaper or even a dry diaper and the good news is, in seven days of watching her, I only had to change ONE poopy diaper on her first day with us...all other poopies were IN THE POTTY! Yes, if you change diapers or have EVER changed a diaper during your lifetime, you can understand that this is newsworthy info!

One sunny afternoon at the park to let the
grand-baby RUN --- too many days of rain
had made us stir-crazy. She needed to be a kid!

The next week, I had my eight year old niece Shaye to watch. She was adorable. Actually, I had both children for nearly 48 hours, so I was reminded of what it is like to have two energetic children in my possession! It was wonderful! And I was thankful these cousins got to spend some time together.

Coraline and Shaye...My grand-daughter and niece. Super special kids!
I even got to enjoy a visit with my dad who got to cuddle and be delighted by his first great-grand-daughter. I know my dad, these moments were Heavenly to him. I could see the father he had been to me as he held is great-grandbaby girl. He becomes a puddle of mush when allowed to just be himself with the baby. I sure love my dad.

My daddy and his great-grandbaby.

Soon, Coraline was on her way home with her parents, back to the Greater Fort Worth Area and this gave me and Shaye some much needed time alone. So, we headed back to the country and I bought Shaye a pair of galoshes so she could go on a hike through the acreage to see the future home-site being cleared by the timber crew. I wanted her to see the construction process from the start. But, she had never owned a pair of rain boots and wasn't very confident in their ability to keep her feet dry.

Her Uncle David had to say, "Girl, step into that water! Those boots were made to keep your feet dry!"

She finally took a timid step and then she shared a HUGE smile as she realized her socks were still dry. Then, Shaye began to find every puddle in her path so she could tread across the muckiness.

Shaye and Gracie had a great time exploring the build-site together.

Of course, she got to have her new boots hosed off after the hike. Shaye LOVES her rain boots. We talked about her being able to wear them on rainy days and not worry about the puddles. I think she will be ready for the next rain day with a smile.

Next, it was my turn. Sgt. Dave hosed down my own boots as I stood and giggled. How does that man still manage to make me giggle and smile as my cheeks get flushed?

It is difficult to believe that our house will soon be standing in this area. We will soon have a REAL house, with a metal roof instead of an RV with slide-outs!

I can't wait!

Have I said that I can't wait?

Oh yea...I CAN'T WAIT!

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