Wednesday, June 24, 2015

# 554 - First Week of Construction!

If you live in the South, you already know. If you watch the news, you already know that Texas and beyond has been experiencing record rainfall that has created widespread flooding, devastation and even death.

All the rain has made every step a more dangerous and prolonged, especially the timber clearing phase.

That should have taken 4-5 days and it ended up taking 4-5 WEEKS due to the nearly nonstop rain. But, once the home-site was cleared, I was amazed.

It might look like a massive pile of dirt, but we have vision. I can literally envision everything finished with lush green grass surrounding a manicured yard with landscaped zones.

After the clearing was finished, we had seven dump truck loads of fill dirt delivered.

That was actually a LOT of dirt, but our home-site is so spacious that the dirt looked ridiculous, as if it would make a ridiculous dent in our home-building process. Then, I reminded myself that the dirt was really to build the garage at a higher elevation because that structure will indeed be on a concrete foundation.

So, we got things cleared and prepped for construction to begin, but the rain kept pouring. And then...finally...we got three days of sun in a row, which allowed for THE DAY for the crew to put the piers into the ground!

It actually took two days for our construction crew to set the piers deep into the ground. Our builder needed to get them into the ground because we would have to wait an additional week before more construction could take place, to allow the concrete to set and not be disturbed.

The pier and beam foundation is exactly what we wanted and needed for our home. The piers are huge...not small ones seen on some older homes. Also, according to the government regulations for the lumber we're using for our piers, it is recommended for "Severe Environments." The next level piers in the rating system, just above our own, are suitable for "Extreme Weather" conditions, such as to build structures in tropical locations.

Our piers are meant to be used for ground contact and can be used in direct contact with water, sea-water, wet concrete, masonry and more. The piers are also treated so that they are not enticing for insects, which will keep the piers insect and termite-free. These treated "marine" piers are also less combustible, so they help prevent fire hazards.

This house will definitely have a solid foundation; it will probably be the most solid, sturdy home we've ever lived in. After living through our last home being gutted and rebuilt due to Hurricane Ike, we are ready for some extra-sturdy-construction.

We are thankful to be building this house. We are beyond sick of RV life. Sgt. Dave said he is NEVER GOING CAMPING AGAIN! HaHaHeHa.

Our 29th wedding anniversary lunch at a spot
on Lake Livingston.

We celebrated our 29th wedding anniversary on June 14th and we had lunch at a restaurant on the lake.

On the way home, we stopped by the muddy build-site, while still wearing our good shoes.

We savor the sight of our house being built. We don't take one moment forgranted.

This house has SEVENTY-SEVEN piers ready to hold up our house. The piers in the back portion of the house are placed closer together because the load is heavier in that area...that area will have a second story over head, the bathrooms and such. The front portion of the house has soaring ceilings to the second story, so the load will be lighter along the front of the house.

As for those piers for the house, I am thankful we have a builder who has the experience to select just the right lumber for the job, even going above what is considered normal to do a job better than expected. Tags are attached to each beam; the tags attest to the details for the lumber as part of federal compliance with regulations, and I can attest to the fact that our contractor goes the extra mile, and we are in great hands because we took our time selecting a builder and because we have kept outside interference on our job site to a bare minimum...meaning just the crew along with me and Sgt. Dave.

This is part of the acreage we've already gotten under control. Yes,
it took YEARS. But, it can all be just as beautiful with patience.

So far, that minimum crew has worked out beautifully...stress-free, communication easy and no bossy people trying to re-direct everyone or drive everyone crazy by standing over people as they work wasting breath trying to tell them what to do, as they are already are doing it. Yes, this has been a GREAT experience to avoid all of that, truly, it has been pleasant! We truly don't have any complaints! At least, not yet! :-)

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Such a wonderful sight to see!! Congrats on your anniversary, AND getting the land cleared and your piers in!!