Wednesday, August 10, 2011

#74 - Interview with a Chicken - Quiet Dignity Reigns

In the backyard, a little trainer plane could easily be seen flying over the yard. It's a beautiful day to be soaring in the sky. Finally, the plane passes over my house. I hope they have their bags packed and are going somewhere fun!


Speaking of fun, when you have chickens in the backyard, you get to experience moments like below...poop on the threshold of the door. Our chickens watch us walk inside and they run to the back door to follow us inside, but they get a door closed on them. So, they actually sit at the door and peck on it. 

If you think that this has a bit of a Stephen King edge to it, so do I. I try to ignore the subtle pecking sounds on the door as I wash the dishes. 

Since we don't let them inside, I think the chickens say, "Fine, we'll play your's a little present for you the next time you step out onto MY side of the door."


Chickens aren't as bird-brained as I had originally thought. They know the lay of the land. They know their boundaries. Their food zone is sacred. They search for and find the most shaded spots in our yard and this usually means that they hang out beneath the towering elephant plants. If Deputy Dave goes into the backyard to do some gardening, they stay on his heels because they've learned that he turns the earth and they get to eat all of the goodies that suddenly have become topsoil. They gently eat feed out of my four-year old niece's hand, but they love to give Deputy Dave a memorable peck to keep him in line.


Up close and personal discussions between Lana and a Chicken.

Since I value the intelligence of our feathered backyard friends, I attempted to conduct an interview with Miss Speckles on world matters...we began with a discussion about the current state of international economics, but she appeared rather jittery.

Getting straight to the point, I asked, "Miss Speckles, could you share some of your valuable insight as it relates to the declining world market?"

Miss Speckles considered my weighty question, but she was too dignified to answer, and I admire her introspective stance.

I could tell that this topic is touchy for her, probably because she has relatives worldwide; she is diplomatic and does not want to step on anyone's chicken toes.

So, I tried another angle, a new topic..."Miss Speckles, what is your expert opinion considering controversy over Global Warming and farm animals?"

In a huff, Miss Speckles marched away, one high step followed another. It seemed she thought I was going to lump her into the same category as cows; she wrongly concluded that I was eager to partly blame chicken poop as a contributing factor to our Global Warming debate.

The hurt feelings she displayed on behalf of verbally assaulted farm animals in this debate over Global Warming was palpable. I tried to apologize for the insinuation, but she would hear no more. The interview was clearly over.

Still, I tried to get closer so that I could make a heart-felt apology for the touchy interview session, but she kept eluding me with her fancy footwork...making it clear that she had, "No Comment."

I shall not be dissuaded in my attempt to obtain the truth. Tomorrow will be another day, with a fresh set of hard-hitting questions, and I am positive that my Chicken Interviews will eventually pay off.

Have a great day everyone!


Karen said...

Miss Speckles is definitely a tough egg to crack (sorry) when it comes to interviews. Hilarious post!

I also enjoyed your previous posts about your new dream home wishes and kitchen must-haves. We live in a very small house and one day when the house grows up, we're hoping to renovate the kitchen and add a mudroom. Currently, I have several 'mud' rooms, lol, and want to narrow it down to one area where we can come in from the garden and lose the dirt.

Can't wait to see your dreams come to fruition!

Lana from Farm Life Lessons said...

Karen --- I saw those pictures of Miss Speckles, of her sideglance, the stepping away and the running away...the silliness for the Interview with a Chicken sprang in my mind. As for the mud rooms, I think that will have to be an area of great consideration for our future cabin as well. I'm determined to keep the dirt to a minimum, but it will take all of us doing our part. In our house, it seems that the wiping the feet on the doormat is an afterthought or done without consideration for the layer of dirt that goes up beyond the bottom of the feet. Then, the dogs...oh...I better not even get going...Augh!

Mike said...

Okay, you've officially gone bananas. The Texas heat has fried your brain. Go inside and sit under the AC. ;)

Lana said...

Mike --- you and Deputy Dave had the same reaction. Cracks me up. Actually, I think I'd rather talk with a chicken about our economics, etc., than with a politician. What do you think???? I believe Miss Speckles would be more informative than Capitol Hill.


Yes, I need to go sit in front of the fan...

LindaG said...

Miss Speckles obviously doesn't like reporters. ;)
Hope the rest of the week treats you well!

Rae said...

Lmao. You're killing me.

Miss Speckles sure is a pretty girl. So sparkly white!