Friday, August 26, 2011

#84 - Somedays are MISERABLE, Some are Great

Right now, I've not really been able to write too much because my home is full of strife. I guess we all have our moments of misery, but sometimes I want to give up and walk far, far away. People who like to dish out misery are really strange creatures because they sure don't like it to boomerang back on them. We all know the kind...likes to dish it out, but can't take eating their own dish.

Guess what? Mama is NOT happy. Have you heard the saying, "If Mama ain't happy, ain't no one happy." Well, I have a dense one in the group over here that is doing things specifically to make Mama very unhappy. Not advisable. I'm a woman over 40; we are dangerous creatures.

Anyway, my oldest daughter will be here this evening. She and her fiance are coming into town. Of course, it's been a rough Friday for him at work. He'd planned to be out of there early, but a gas line created a problem and that created a delay. So, my daughter is twiddling her thumbs at her house with bags packed at the door, ready to leave. She worked a "sacrificial" weekend so that she could have a weekend off. It's like that at her job. She has a load of stuff packed to share with me about the wedding...invitation designs, wording, paper selections and more. It's exciting stuff to us gals.

Makes me wish I knew calligraphy! I'd hand address every one of her invitations. Wait! I think there's time to learn!

So, I have had one of those weeks. No one likes to be insulted, but I'm getting older and figuring that I might do a bit of hell-raising each time someone calls me a name...I figure that I better really work on making that name-calling WORTHWHILE. Except for the word Butt-head...I would not want to work on becoming that definition.


luckybunny said...

Yikes, one of those times huh... You are right when you say "if mama ain't happy, no one is." and that's the way it should be, so everyone better stay out of the way! lol. I hope you have fun looking at all the wedding stuff this weekend. :)

Texan said...

I love it "a woman over 40, we are dangerous creatures"! tee hee aren't we just! lol

Charade said...

You can totally learn to calligraphy before you have to address those invitations. It's a learned-technique art, unlike those more free-form creative arts. How do I know? I used to teach it.

And I calligraphied ~600 wedding invitations for a dear friend of mine many years back, and she recently told me that she still has people saying they kept her invitation because they'd never seen their name written in calligraphy before.

So - in all the "spare" time (lol) you have, you can practice your calligraphy.

Charade said...

Oh, and make sure you choose an envelope with a smooth finish - as opposed to one with lots of bumpy texture - if you really plan to calligraphy them. Just sayin'

Lana said...

Luckybunny --- you know it! :-)

Texan --- and these days, it's not the man trading the 40 for the two twenties these days, it's the woman doing the trading. I love today's atmosphere with women. As I sit here thinking, "I haven't had a 'boyfriend' since I was is starting to sound pretty good. :-) Yes, it's THAT kind of day!

Charade --- you have given me inspiration...I'm going to talk with my daughter about it when she gets here this evening. I bet she'll be ready to do it too! Her and I have always loved doing art together and sharing our art. I was an art major - go figure. Anyway, she is very talented. My mother had purchased me an entire calligraphy set before she died, with instructional videos, but after she passed away...the entire thing disappeared from her house. I'm sure whoever took it did not know it was a gift for me. Oh well. I'll be on the lookout for some supplies and then will start practicing. Maybe I can post some of my stuff and you can critique it!!! I'd love it! And, I'll be sure to tell my daughter about the importance of the envelope finish. Thank You!!!!!!!

Karen said...

Lana, I'm over 50 now and if you're dangerous, I'm downright lethal. Like that gun you bought for your daughter only I won't jam even if I'm in a purse, lol. Carl and I have been together since we were fourteen. Where did that time go? Maybe it's menopause, maybe it's older age, maybe I'm just finding out who I am, but sometimes I speak my mind without a 'filter' on what comes out and well, gee whiz, what a relief that can be! Like a pressure cooker w/o steam, such a relief.

Women have to go through so much with puberty, raising kids, and then, for pete's sake, menopause....I told Carl sometimes I want to do what the word implies, take a pause from men because I'm surrounded by males in this house.

Ok, enough ranting, lol, I love your blog and the way you tell it like it is. Hope your weekend improves exponentially!

Lana said...

Karen --- you just gave me a beautiful perspective on the "pause" from "men." I love it and will be sharing it with all my gal-pals...too funny! Yes, as I get older, I'm less inclined to put up with the same things I was kind of stuck putting up with because I was just so exhausted trying to run a house, a business, two kids and dogs, etc. you know the drill. These days, I want to announce that for every fit that is thrown that negatively impacts my life that I will throw THREE more fits in response. Then maybe, the "You'll get over it" attitude will start to disappear. And my filter is getting clogged, so I've got to start getting it out!!!! Thank you for truly making me laugh out loud!!!

Lana said...

Karen --- oh yea, I do think that women over 50 are beautifully lethal. They've earned it!

LindaG said...

Sorry to hear it, Lana. *Hugs* Hope the weekend treats you better. ♥

Kelsie From Our Country Home said...

As you know I had a moment recently with my eldest...Problem is we love the little turkeys so much that when they hurt us the wound goes soooo deep.

Love and sympathies my dear.

Alana said...

I would love to learn calligraphy, but I already have the handwriting of a 10 year old boy - don't know if calligraphy would be something I could master lol- however, I would love for you to learn Momma! I think it would be awesome!! :-)