Friday, August 19, 2011

#81 - Deputy Dave is a Chick Man!

Deputy Dave has been a great husband to me and a fantastic father to our daughters. He and I grew up together. We've known each other since we were lanky kids. It's been great to watch the evolution of this man from a cute ladies boy/man to a real man, on whom we can always depend.

Since my husband and I met when we were kids, he kind of waited for me to grow up so we could get married. He waited exactly until I turned 18, then we got married via eloping and the caveman came out in him, "You now below to me!"

Little did he know, his days of acquiring a few chicks would be far from over.

During my husband's teenage years, he was indeed quite the "ladies man."

I thought that my sweetheart was the cutest boy ever created by God. We were always pretty nuts about each other, but I sure did love his long legs.

He gave those legs to our oldest daughter. I also knew he was extra special, but I was surprised to learn that he gave his rare blood type to our youngest daughter. If we had a transfusion emergency for either one of them, at least they have each other!

He had no idea that by marrying me, he'd be creating a chain reaction that would permanently connect him to more ladies, for life.

I've found it to be rather humorous that the Lord gave him two beautiful daughters to constantly freak out about. He wanted ladies...he got them.

More than that, even all of our dogs were female.

He seems destined to be surrounded by the female persuasion. Unfortunately, he's constantly around ladies that he feels compelled to protect. It's a full-time job for Deputy Dave to keep up with all of his gals. There is no rest for the weary!

Deputy Dave had also been honored enough to be a Foster Dad to each of these beautiful gals. I hope they'll always remember fishing and playing with chalk all over the concrete in front of the house.

You could say that he's a man who has had his hands full...

He keeps his gals enveloped with his love and protection, every chance he gets.

The beginning of our little family.

These days, there are more chicks in Deputy Dave's life than ever before.

  Now, this is a man who has a good eye for a cute chick.

And, he finally has a buddy in the house. For those of you who read my blog, I hope you can see that my monster, Howdy, is such a good dog, even with the chickens,

I feel compelled to let you know that Deputy Dave FOUGHT to keep Howdy's jewels. Yes, he is over two years old, with his jewels, and he's a great, great dog. After reading all of the literature on the subject and involving ourselves with lots of tension-filled conversations on the topic, I thought that Howdy keeping the jewels would ruin him forever. I pictured him being ferocious, unable to follow a simple command and running away every chance he got. But, it's been okay, except for his need to mark a corner in the house every now and then, but the spray bottle of bleach is my six-shooter which combined with my temper has pretty much taught him to cut it out. Overall, he's one of the best dogs we've ever had. Ever. Ever. Ever.

I'm learning, it's okay to have some extra jewels in the house. He's our secondary protector and takes his job seriously. Then, we play with the Frisbee. It can't get much better than this and Deputy Dave is not alone with his chicks anymore.


LindaG said...

That's interesting to hear about Howdy. We always fix all our pets. We get them all from the animal shelter and we never have enough room.

But Howdy is obviously well trained and that counts for a lot.

Thanks for telling us about all the chicks you share Deputy Dave with!

Alana said...

I am very thankful for those long legs! But you forgot an IMPORTANT fact! Howdy is not the first non-chick - his grandson Tux was!! Boy do I regret getting Tux neutered! I wish so badly I could get them back and breed him. He is beyond the best dog, and extremely intelligent and loving! *sigh*
Great entry Momma!