Wednesday, September 14, 2011

#95 - A Grand Time in Texas

What to do for excitement for a "maturing" couple such as our 40's? Well, taking in a live performance at a local theater is great, but catching a comedian that's more like it.

My sister, Robin, who is about 7-8 years younger than myself asked incredulously, "Sinbad? You guys are going to go see Sinbad? Isn't he old?"

Hmmm. How shall I respond to my 35 year old sister who obviously has missed the Sinbad Boat. Sinbad will always be past, present and future comedy. He's a classic act in constant motion headed to the future. The funny thing is...Sinbad is like Deputy Dave and myself, he's matured. His comedy is even more hysterical than ever. Wait until my sister raises a teenager or two in her house and she'll see Sinbad's evolved comedy in an entire new light.

My husband and I felt so thrilled to be in The Grand 1894 Opera House, located on the island of Galveston, Texas. This incredible piece of architectural history is even on the National Register of Historic Places and has seen some major acts come through their doors.

Sitting in this theater is an experience that kind of transports you back in time...there are even nights of fun at The Grand when people dress up in historic fashions so that the fullness of the experience can be even more palpable. What fun we grown-ups get to have in our old age! The older you get, the more you could care less about what other people think, so you say, "What the heck!" and you put on that top hat and you wear the bonnet with the feathers. You learn to have fun and live it up. If not, then don't wonder or ponder too long about why you are such a miserable old fart. Get out the top hat and the smoking jacket! Live it up a little. Dance a jig. Sing a song. Give meaning to the word "FUN!"

I want to live to be old enough to one of those old-fart-types who just don't care what other people think. Not in a bad way, but in the way that they KNOW they've earned to right to say what they want and do what they want without worrying that their pristine reputation will be tainted or their "coolness" radar will be on the blip.

My grandmother has been one to live it up in her old age. She has danced, told dirty jokes, been silly and she honors the kid within herself. In her 80's, she caught a man across the apartment complex looking her direction with binoculars and she yelled out the patio door, "Come on over! I'll only keep you for about 15 minutes!"

I think she had visitors from the church when this happened. They are always praying for her soul, but little do they know, she is probably closer to God than all of them put together.

Anyway, as far as us getting to see Sinbad LIVE at The Grand Opera House...we loved our night out together. These times are rare, so we savor every moment.

However, I will be forced to go back to The Grand Opera House next year for another heart-stopping comedian who I cannot go through life without seeing in person at least once...yes...Carol Burnett. Have I ever mentioned that I LOVE Carol Burnett? Well, if not, let me make it clear to everyone, I have loved Carol Burnett since I was a wee little girl who never, ever missed her show. If any other show has her highlighted as a guest, I'm watching.

I think the most hysterical show I've seen with her as a guest star was on Magnum P.I. --- that had to be the most hysterical few minutes of my life. I don't know how Tom Selleck was able to contain himself to film the show because Carol Burnett was obviously pushing him to his limits. If you haven't seen this episode and you love Carol Burnett, do yourself a huge spirit lifting favor and find a way to watch it. You won't regret it.

So, The Grand 1894 Opera House of Galveston beckons me and I must find a way to see Carol. Her performance at The Grand is described as, "Laughter and Reflection with Carol Burnett --- A Conversation with Carol where the Audience Asks the Questions."

Oh Goodness, I could die happy if I could only sing her anthem with her. Well, I could die happier, but I'll be most happy if I get to live a good, fulfilled, satisfied long life AND have been able to see Carol Burnett. I'd be talking about it until the day I die, that's for sure.

All I can say is that Carol Burnett is someone I'd travel from the city, from the farm, from the woods, from the suburbs, from anywhere...just so I could sit and laugh and remember the days when Carol Burnett could transport me away with her laughter and her songs.

And what did she teach me? She taught me that you don't have to own a magnificent voice to sing loud and clear. You don't have to be Miss America to be Miss Spectacular and you don't have to be so serious all of the time because the kid in you is still residing in you, as an integral part of your spirit. Don't forget the kid in you!

The kid in me is ready to sit in the opulent opera house so I can laugh until I can't breathe. And even though this opera house has survived several hurricanes, I think it would be great for them to prepare for Carol's visit, I'm proposing that the opera house line the seats with protective pee pads for that night. Just a thought.


Paula said...

Oh my goodness~ what fun! I love Sinbad too, he's a class act. And Carol Burnett is one of my favorites too!

Rina ... also Chester or Daisysmum. said...

Oh you lucky thing, must have been a great show in such a beautifull grand theater. What a dishy couple you two make :))

LindaG said...

There is bound to be a Sinbad comedy DVD you can get your sister for her birthday or Christmas.

And wow. How lucky for you. I didn't realize Carol Burnett still performed. You definitely need to go. Maybe take your sister. ;-)

Lana from Farm Life Lessons said...

Paula --- I think that earth will be more like Heaven once I get to see Carol Burnett in person.

Rina --- The theater is grand indeed...our house was destroyed by the latest hurricane in 2008 that nearly destroyed The Grand 1894 Opera House for good. It was emotional getting to see it alive and kicking for future generations to enjoy. It is so intimate there, getting to see a performer there is much different than in an arena, etc. And as for the "dishy" couple we make --- I must say that it feels GREAT to have someone from AUSTRALIA give us such a compliment!! But, have you seen me in my blogs as I'm wearing my moo-moo? In those pictures, I look as if I'm only here to do dishes instead of looking dishy!! :-)

Mike said...

I'm not sure any other comedienne can top Carol. Her show was the best when her, Vickie, Tim and Harvey skitted together.
I watched a show of Sinbad's while performing at a University in Georgia. I can't recall the name. He was funny without using filthy language. He's a definite mainstay for all ages.

Chai Chai said...

Already at post #95? How time flies.

Karen said...

I almost needed a pee pad reading this post, Lana! How funny about your sister thinking Sinbad is old. And Carol Burnett is one of the best of all comediennes, too. I loved her imitation of Scarlett O'Hara and the drapery/dress complete with curtain rod shoulder pads back in the day. Hilarious! I can only imagine what her show will be like in that intimate theater. You and your husband certainly make a handsome couple, Lana. You are a very beautiful lady, inside and out!

Lana from Farm Life Lessons said...

Chai Chai --- yes, times does fly as do my fingers. :-)

Karen --- you crack me up. And the Scarlett O'Hara skit, I actually have the DVD of that in my DVD collection and everytime I see it, I am in hysterics. A friend of mine used that skit as an idea for her own Halloween costume and everyone was laughing at her all evening long. Anyway, thank you for the compliment. We both have our not-so-shining moments, but I guess beauty is something that goes beyond being skin deep and I'm glad because so often I do not feel so beautiful, so I thank you for your sweet words.