Friday, September 16, 2011

#97 - Candy to the Rescue!

A two-year old saying goodbye is not always a pretty thing. Sometimes the two-year old wants to stay and play, so she goes to everyone in the house to share a cry with because it is so, so, so sad that she must leave.

Shaye, my niece, decided to begin the pity party with the dog, Lyla. The dog and her sat on the floor and cried together. Shaye wails, "Lyla, I have ta go home. I am going to miss you."

Then, Shaye somberly climbs the stairs to the second story and finds her cousin Stefie. She crawls onto Stefie's bed and lays with her crying, "I'm goin home today, and I'm sad because I wanna go home AND I wanna stay here." Stefie did think this to be a sad dilemma, so Shaye and Stefie had a good cry together.

Shaye wasn't finished making her rounds. She found her cousin Heather. Shaye crawled into Heather's lap and said, "I wish I could be with you all the time." They both cried. Heather told Shaye, "We do get to be together all the time because we're cousins, we will always be close." But, they were both sad, so that shared a good cry.

Then, the crying got a little louder...Heather had this covered, she's good at being loud when needed.

So, it was time for the Aunt to do some crying. We decided to keep the bottom lips employed during our communal pity party...

Almost finished making her crying rounds, we had to find Uncle David. He was working outside, cutting tile. So, Shaye found her Uncle David and could barely tell him that she was so sad about leaving because she was crying too hard. He joined in on the bottom lip sticking out and shared her sadness.

Then, Uncle David gave his little Shaye-Bear a kiss and told her that he had something that might help her tears go away because he wanted her to leave our house with a happy heart and a smile, not with sad cries.

"What is it Uncle David?" She asks while forgetting to cry.

Of course! It's a trip to the candy bowl! But, you can't be crying, pouting or in a bad mood to visit with the candy bowl, you have to smile and laugh and be happy about being able to pick out whatever piece of candy you want to eat!

And, with a bit of chocolate, all is right with the world again. All the tears are dried up. Candy entered the scene and rescued Shaye from her sadness.

Thank God for the candy bowl.


LindaG said...

Shaye certainly has the theatrics right. :)
I don't know. Looked like she was still a little sad. Did she end up with 2 pieces of candy?

Hope you all have a wonderful weekend!

Kelsie From Our Country Home said...

Oh my get the girl a tiara for next time...such a princess lol...I know one when I see it, I live with, I mean serve my own 3yr old princess lol.

Blessings Kelsie

Mike said...

The old candy bribery trick. The best way to stop a crying fit.

But, I think The Deputy took advantage of the situation and filled his own candy needs while using Shaye as an excuse. I know I would've. ;)

Karen said...

Oh, Lana, how cute! I have nothing but men in this house, so it's fun to see what it might have been like to have a little girl around the place. What a little cutie.

I also enjoyed your previous post about the dog hair. That must be something to deal with. I have two dogs, Shih Tzus, and they don't shed, thank goodness, because they are all over the furniture as well as the floor. My mother always coveted wall to wall carpeting; in her day that was a luxury and she paved her hardwood floors over with it. Now things have come full-circle and she could uncover the hardwood and be in style (but she won't!)

Have a great weekend!