Wednesday, December 11, 2013

# 486 - Mange = "No-Fun" Farm-Life Lesson

Yesterday was one of those days where you rush to one obligation, then rush to the next, and so on x20, throughout the entire day. The stinky part was that some of our appointments were in the Houston area, so that added another three hour round trip to our already hectic travels.

By the way, as we get closer to home, this is our beautiful view. Coming home feels more like going on vacation!

The new puppy that found it's way to our property last week has now been to her first trip to the vet. We arrived to find our veterinarian in the back with a herd of cattle, tagging ears and doing multiple things which caused one young bull to put up such a fight and issue mean snorts and loud noises that I ran back inside.
Gracie did not mind waiting. And yes, Sgt. Dave is a DIE-HARD Texans fan.
Living in the country is a much different lifestyle than city life. I do mourn the loss of some city life luxuries, but that's for another post on another day. For now, we're staying on track with the puppy visit to the vet.

The vet was amused when I asked, "Do you know what kind of breed might this puppy be?"
The vet looked at me and said, "Dog."
Actually, the staff thought the puppy looked to be part Aussie/Collie and she must be part Labrador because she has webbed feet. Gracie got two shots and she didn't even make a sound or move an inch.
However, imagine my horror after a skin test came back positive for MANGE! Mites!
Okay, let me respond "appropriately." Oh my, this poor, poor baby. Her scratching has been terrible and painful; she is my only concern. Well, now I am feeling a tad like Obama must feel as my nose grows longer by the moment.
So, I learned there are two different kinds of mange seen more frequently in the country: Red Mange and Sarcoptic Mange. She has Sarcoptic, which is high contagious and transmits to people, but then it is called, "SCABIES."
Oh joy.
Immediately, while standing in front of the vet and his staff, I began to feel a severe case of itching. I began pulling up my sleeves for the vet to inspect my arms, and I pointed to red bumps for the Doc to inspect. Yes, he knows I am from the city.
He had the dry humor to say, "Don't scratch and it should resolve itself within ten days because the dog is going to be cured and that means YOU'LL be cured."
Of course, I'm picturing these microscopic critters. I am totally freaking out and can now feel the  bugs crawling under my skin. Later, I would give myself a napalm shower with NO cold water added, thinking it will "help."
The vet then gave us a history about the old saying, "Seven Year Itch." He said it came from a time when people slept with their dogs, and very often, the dogs had Sarcoptic Mange, which gave people Scabies, so the people would have horrible itching. The dogs lived, on average, for seven years. After approximately seven years, the dog died and the itching stopped. So, they were finished with their "Seven Year Itch."
He told me to be thankful that any itching would not take place for seven years, continually.
Then, he said, "Welcome to the country."
My best-friend from Houston, a nursing student, told me that we can't see each other this month because "Scabies is awful, and you can't be picking up mangy dogs in the country."
I didn't want to catch the mange or get scabies --- I promise! Now, I officially have COOTIES!
This little puppy has cost us a LOT of money. Now, we are also having to treat our other two dogs and the medication was $100. which is called "Advantage Multi for Dogs" and it treats heartworms, fleas, hookworm, roundworm, and whipworm," but supposedly treats the mites that cause Sarcoptic Mange as well. There are multiple treatments in one box, so it will last us quite a while. I think I will start checking out some of these meds at the feed store because they'll be at a reduced price.  
I've had to refrain from giving myself a dose of the dog's medicine.
As for the feed store, that was one of our trips food, chicken crumble and scratch.
I love going to the feed store. It's like a box of chocolates, you never know what you're gonna find!
And lastly, my old gal, Liyla was feeling a bit sad about the puppy getting attention. Liyla NEVER tries to sit in my lap, but I often sit on the ground with her and she'll lay her head in my lap. However, since we found the puppy, she actually came over to me and CRAWLED into my lap.
I had to arrange the ottoman next to us so she would fit across me. I had forgotten how BIG she really is...she's such a sweetheart that I never think of her as a "big" dog.
My old girl Liyla was feeling a bit dejected because of the puppy, so she did a rare thing...crawled into my lap. Such a sweet dog. I love her, but had forgotten how big she is! Regardless, I would never turn her BIG baby!
However, today, the puppy got into BIG TROUBLE because she tried to use the ottoman as a chew toy. She would not "drop it" so I gave her a LIGHT pop on the snout to FORCE her to release the ottoman, and you would have thought I was the most evil human being on the earth because she actually got her feelings hurt. Yep, she's part Aussie.
Usually, my big girl Lilya won't let the puppy get too close to her, but after puppy got into trouble, she RAN straight to Liyla as she whined, and Liyla let the puppy lay on her, as if she knew what it was like to be in trouble at that age.
By the afternoon, Liyla had transformed from this week of "no contact" rules to this...
And Howdy has gone from a week of being like this...
to this today...
Good Grief!


mary i said...

OOH OOH I can offer sound advice on this one! We treat our alabama chihuahua with this very same product. (i am a friendly folk Sgt.Dave ;) Any who go to "Drs. Foster and Smith" on line. Get their Catalog!!!!!! Their product is the very same as what you get from your vet or feed store. I promise I checked with my vet to make sure. The prices are AWESOME and s/h is free for this type of thing. They are good as Texas Oil I promise. They mail on time and well,just check them out.

LindaG said...

Must be why the puppies were dumped. You might want to let the other people know.

Nice that puppy has been accepted though. :-)

Hope you get over your itching soon! ♥

A Primitive Homestead said...

New puppy is so cute. How wonderful the others have taken to her. Ahh your big furry baby loves its mama.The puppy my son got before he passed away has grown so big and has became such a lap dog. She has been a blessing to me and my youngest son. Wishing you and yours a blessed Christmas.

Anonymous said...

This world needs more people like u and Sgt. Dave! So glad those poor pups found someone like you before the coyotes and or wild pigs did! Not sure of the wildlife you have in your neck of the woods.
Looks like Little Gracie has warmed everyone hearts. She will be a mess for awhile but look at the wonderful stories you can use for your blog! I definetly will be looking forward to them. I hope she does well with your chickens!
Good Luck ...
Deb in Viola

Corinna Charlton said...

Cute new pup!

After driving back and forth I finally made my move away from San Francisco to the country/ burbs. I miss the city! But being near my horse now is the best.

I'm off to the feed store now, one of my favorite places too! (I love the little chicks in cages!)

Dreaming said...

I liked the vet's answer as to what your puppy was. I think he also should have said, "Cute"!
Poor thing with mange... you, not the puppy! She'll be fine! (and, so will you!)
I also liked your comparison regarding Obama! said...

Okay, I am trying something copy and pasting the commentator's link before I respond. If it doesn't work, I won't keep doing it. We shall see if it is a big mess. Mary - Thank YOU for the advice! I am definitely going to put it on file. We got medicine, but I learned a lot about it thru this experience and a symptom to help diagnose it in layman's ways. I'll write about it soon. Linda - The vet said the mom must have had it, so whoever handled the mom had to have known she was in misery. Poor thing. :-( Thankfully, we caught Gracie's case very early. A Primitive Homestead --- Oh, I remember reading when the puppy was small and seeing the shot of your son with the puppy. I think about you and hope you are getting through life as it can surely be difficult at times.

Deb in Viola - You are a sweetie. I don't know what will happen in five years as more strays might appear, but I'll keep trying to help out innocent creatures. And Sgt. Dave and I have some BAD days, but most are pretty darn good. I guess that applies to everyone in life. Lol. We have big cats around here and black bear have been spotted down the road since there was a re-introduction program into the Big Thicket area of Louisiana about ten years ago and they've made their way to us. The Big Thicket Preserve is literally across the street from us. And so far, the chickens are safe! She was even sitting with them this past week as they were chowing down on discarded cabbage and Gracie had a big cabbage leaf in her mouth. Maybe she thinks she's a chicken! Congratulations on the big move! Having a horse is a great incentive and the feed store is definitely one of my favorite places on earth! I miss certain things about the city as well. - Dreaming - our vet is awesome and I've been okay. My panic wasn't so great, but I've not yet begun scratching behind my ear, so I might be okay. :-) And the Obama comments, I can't help myself!