Friday, December 27, 2013

# 488 - Brighter Days are Ahead!

There has been some nasty weather around here lately. Rains. Freezing Temperatures. High winds. Thunderstorms. Terrifying lightening.

The storms that blew over Texas during the past couple of weeks have caught up with the acreage. In fact, having a creek and county drainage means I get to stand outside, with concern, as water levels continue to rise.

I also get to watch my plants go through the wringer. One day, I'll have my gardens back in place and won't have to worry about the potted plants being in a shed, out of the shed, or left out in the freezing weather as I can't handle the pots due to an injured right hand.

One thing is for sure...I'm a Texas gal; I don't like these 30-50 degree days, and I REALLY don't like nights that dip into the 20's.

As for the heavy rains, like most places, the acreage has areas that can become quite menacing as the waters get rough, similar to rapids. The water flow eventually dumps into a deep area that is over my head. Scary!

At least it flows off the acreage, but I don't want to see a doggie or other farm animal wash away, so we keep our distance during hard rains.

This past Sunday, I got stuck outside in about 50 degrees, no jacket, wearing flip flops, no car keys, no purse, no phone, and the private road to the residence was a big mud pie. Essentially, I was in a forest, alone.

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The prospect of having to make my way through sinking mud in very cold temperatures for a couple of forested acres was not a good one. I would have ended up at a road that has very little traffic and the nearest open store was still another five miles away.

Seriously, it made me reconsider the decision I made to move out here. Life in the country means you need a solid system of trust so that you can be safe and reasonably protected from such situations and with dependable people living nearby upon whom you can call in a bad situation. I really felt rather abandoned and that's a RARE feeling for me to experience.

It's nice to have a private lifestyle, but not nice to have even ONE SECOND of being in a bad position in the midst of rural acreage.

Anyway, it made me even more thankful for my blessings and glad that God often has a plan for our lives that is bigger and better than we can imagine.

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One thing that I've been grateful for during this Christmas season is that I am a free person. Our freedom is something to treasure. Even if we're not living in the most desirable conditions, one way or another, we can still take comfort in knowing we are free.

For me, 2014 will be a year that is different from any other year of my entire adult life. To tell the truth, this was a rough Christmas, but I am already looking forward to next Christmas...knowing it will be one of the best I've ever experienced because I am free, open-minded to change and new directions with God is my ONE TRUE ROCK.

My hope is that you had a beautiful Christmas, and if things are rough for you...I pray that you take it minute by minute while knowing brighter, beautiful days will be ahead. The storms will not last forever.

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John Gray said...

Even I don't wear flip flops in winter!