Tuesday, June 7, 2011

#24 - Where's my Magic Wand?

Everywhere I go, I take pictures. Strange things may strike my attention. Often, I am looking at ideas for landscaping on our land and for farm ideas. Other times, I am just enjoying the scenery.

A while back, I took photos at a cousin's wedding near Austin, Texas. This property was majestically landscaped. Their outdoor wedding had guest chairs facing a fenced lush pasture with grazing cattle. Pure Texas. I loved it.

I don't think there is any other beauty that can compete with the beauty we find in nature. I love it when man respects nature and builds to enhance it for further enjoyment instead of furiously trying to cover it up.

This little creek is so much like the one we have on our land, but ours is larger. We have crystal clear spring fed water running through our property and it mesmerizes me. We will need to construct some bridges on our land, but we won't have the luxury of building one that is as low to the ground as this one.

This little foot-bridge going across the creek is simple and elegant.

The winding graveled paths through the property were nicely maintained and they made you want to keep walking.

My husband and I liked the covered area that could be used not only for cars, but for multiple purposes.

Deputy Dave shares the country living dream with me. Very soon, we'll be packing our boxes, building a cabin, and we'll be waking up every morning to see our land and our animals; and we'll stand under wide open skies; and we'll be able to go fishing on the lake at the back of our property whenever we want; and we'll be able to take walks through our own forest and, and, and...

This is beautiful, but it sure would take a lot of hard work.

My grandmother would always say, "It doesn't matter where you live, you can make any place nice and neat." She was right, but it sure is easier to start with good bones. I'd say the property above definitely had the bones needed to produce a beautiful place for gatherings, even a wedding for hire! But, I am just as happy with my acreage and its sticker burrs and blackberry thorns and the hundreds of pine cones everywhere.

Even so, I can't help but look at this perfectly manicured property and wish that our place would look like this before we renew our wedding vows on our acreage this coming September, but I don't think that's going to happen because I lost my magic wand last year. Darn.


LindaG said...

But, I am just as happy with my acreage and its sticker burrs and blackberry thorns and the hundreds of pine cones everywhere.

Exactly. I know how you feel. My brother's yard is one that is perfectly manicured, too. Sometimes I think I could do that. Especially when he gives directions on doing things like making your own designs on paving blocks.

But then I look at our future retirement property, and that is not why I love it, so why change it?
At least not that much. Eventually the barn and possibly even the outbuilding will come down, as hubby wants, and at that point I am hoping that the property will not lose some of it's character.

Happy Tuesday to you. ♥

Rae said...

I hear ya on the beautifully manicured landscaping being lovely. Truthfully, the landscaping itself isn't really the hard part. Most of it is easy enough to put in, especially if you have the right tools. The hard part is the maintenance. :) Wild and wonderful may not be as orderly-picturesque, but it sure is a lot less work. Lol.

Charade said...

Love the pictures and the setting. I, too, agree that this is too manicured for my place. We're lucky to keep up with all the oak and red cedar volunteers. BTW, what camera do you use? You get amazing clarity in those water shots!

Anonymous said...

Must be an magic wand isn't working right either.
Time to make a trip to the wand shop. :)
Yah, what makes YOUR place yours is that it isn't like any other.
Nature in itself is beautiful. You don't want it looking too man handled. hee
Look around will see the perfect place for the guests to be facing on your place too.
I agree....all those photos are wonderfully is like I am standing right there looking at what you took the photo of. Thanks for that. B.