Sunday, June 19, 2011

#36 - A Few Good Men I know

I am blessed to be surrounded by wonderful men, great fathers.

My husband and daughters.

Silly guys goofing around - looking to be in trouble with Mama.

My dad and my brother - with my Aunt Peggy and my Sister, Robin.
Love the guys in my family, my dad and brother are a lot of fun.

My husband, his brother Mark and his oldest brother, Kevin.
All three are great dads and awesome men to adore.
My brother-in-law (my side) and his daughter, playing Rock Band.
Another really fun dad!

My father-in-law having a happy moment with my oldest. A Sweetheart.

Interesting father-daughter moment. He had surgery to reattach shoulder to
arm and on same day, our daughter fractures and dislocates her shoulder.

My husband hugging our oldest, Heather as she's just graduated
from Texas A&M. It's a beautiful moment.

My husband and his two daughters heading for the truck.
This is one of my favorite angles to shoot - the REAR shot.
Stefie's daddy teaches her to LOVE LOVE LOVE worms and fishing.
Another day riding horses in the country, near our acreage.

David playing ball with our first daughter, Heather, in late 1980's, in Germany.

A dad and his incredible gals. 1990's.
The husband of my children, spending his life serving so that we may
eat and have a roof over our head. I thank him for being such a great daddy
to our children...for showing infinite love, tenderness and patience.
My Uncle Billy - one of the most wonderful men that I've been blessed to have
in my life. He is my mother's brother and he has always loved me as if I am a rare jewel.
The signature mark on the cheek of the dance kiss.
Another graduation moment with a very proud daddy.
Daddy holding his daughter, years before she became too old to be a
college graduate, to be engaged and to be living out of our home. Hold tight.
God has blessed me in many different ways --- I have been surrounded by men who have been good and who have taught me so much.

To all men out there who make a positive difference in someone's are filled with purpose and meaning and you do make a difference in our lives.

We give gratitude for who you are, on good days, bad days and all in are loved.

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LindaG said...

My dad taught me to fish, too. :)