Friday, October 7, 2011

#109 - Fishing Picnic - Part 1

Recently, several of us got together for a fishing picnic on the bay near our house. My sister, Robin, brought the chicken and we brought the dessert, added plastic ware, ice, drinks and a variety pack of potato chips. It was a perfect picnic. KFC is always good when having a picnic on the bay.

All kids, big and small, enjoyed feeding the seagulls. Jay brought the bread for everyone to throw.

My sister and her husband Warren are chillin and having a great time while the kids get to run and play. But, Shaye first must take a drink break.

Here we are, hanging out at the gazebo.

Warren, my brother-in-law, has the most awesome son...Nathan. And that kid is starting to really grow up, his shoulders are suddenly sprouting outward as his legs grow longer.

And Deputy Dave loves to feed the seagulls. He's so tall that he usually feeds them straight from his hands. No thanks for me...I always get pooped on. And I'm told that being pooped on is a sign of good luck...I think from my Native American heritage beliefs. Hmmmm....I'm not sure. I'd sure like confirmation on the origins of this one because I'm pooped on A LOT. By seagulls that is.

I have the sweetest, most handsome brother-in-law ever. In fact, when my sister met him, my youngest was in Junior High and said he reminded her of the prince in all the fairy tale movies. Prince Warren is part of my family, thank you very much. Tall, dark, and handsome with big baby blue eyes.

He's got a pretty darn cute smile too. Yes, Yes, I know, this is my sister's husband...What can I say, she has good taste, like her older sister. Oh, and my sister is pretty cute too. She's got that natural blond thing going on for her.

And Nathan, he can play any video game and whip your booty AND he can then go outdoors and tackle any sports/outdoor feat like a champion.

Here are two extra special people in my life for me to gush youngest Stefie and my dad. My daughter Stefie is absolutely a clone of my mother when my mom was this age. Stefie is 21 years old and a DOUBLE SIZE 0. You heard me. That's size 00. And No, I do not like standing next to her for pictures.

Well, this is Part 1 of our Fishing Picnic Day. I haven't even gotten to the other pictures, but I only have a TON.

You know my camera is attached to my hand as a permanent growth. We plug my big toe in the socket at night so I can recharge.


LindaG said...

Hah. Read over your blogs and you can see that you are indeed a lucky lady. ;)
Hope you all have a blessed weekend!

luckybunny said...

Looks like so much fun! Great pictures and LOL about your brother in law, that was funny :)

Karen said...

Lana, I've been popping in now and again between mortaring and have to read several posts in a row to keep up. I'm so sorry to hear of your grandmother's illness. She is in my prayers. Your family is very close-knit, what a blessing to be surrounded by those you love. The day of fishing is a priceless memory and a gift. You're such an attractive bunch!

(And thanks for the comment over on my blog--I'm taking you along with me to meet my new doc this week. You can be my cheerleader!)