Sunday, October 23, 2011

#121 - Whirlwind Weekend Winds Down!

Whew! This has been an incredible weekend of celebration for my oldest daughter's 24th birthday. It's late Sunday night; Heather and her fiance Henry with their two Australian Shepherds just headed out...for their home near Fort Worth, Texas.

Stefie and her daddy, Deputy Dave, walking downtown
as I trail behind clicking the camera button.

Being in downtown Houston's night-life is always sparkly and
fun, but I still can't wait to get out to the country!

Stefie and I do not like escalators.
Over here in this household, we know how to have fun...too much fun. Some of us were paying a big price for TOO MUCH fun last night at Pete's Dueling Piano Bar in Houston, Texas

Heather, our oldest, is very creative. She made a TuTu for this special night and wore it with a sheer black dress and black tights. Of course, her fiance Henry had to try it on before we left the house. I thought it matched his eyes.

Of course, it turns out that she wasn't the only one dressed in a TuTu at the piano bar, nor was she the most outrageously dressed.

This woman did NOT make her own TuTu.

I love TuTu fun!

The great thing about our family is that we let loose and have some whooping good times.

Heather and Henry make a nice couple.

We have some video of Heather on stage at the piano bar and it's quite hysterical, but you must not be offended by piano BAR material as she is being a GREAT SPORT and playing along with such a great personality that had the crowd cheering so loud that it was deafening.

Our group took up four tables. Reservations Required to get our
good seats. Good thing we made them well in advance.
If you are offended by things that are on the wild side...then I warn you...don't watch the video. It is wild. We were all walking on the wild side last night and it was a great stress reliever. And yes, this is another proud parent moment as we watch our daughter in the blue TuTu on stage play along with the pianist in his little game...Miss Blue TuTu is our Biology degreed, laboratory science geek showing us her "I'm not afraid of nuttin" attitude. If you watch, make sure to hang in there for the entire video because it only gets better and better, even with the shaky hand trying to steady the camera in a packed crowd.

Deputy Dave's back was killing him, but he kept on laughing. My back is partly reconstructed and held together by bolts, screws and metal plates with cadaver bone...I am REALLY laughing!! :-)

My daughters are a lot of fun. Being in downtown Houston is a hoot. I love that my girls know how to be expressive and to not be fearful of really ENJOYING life while there is time to enjoy it. If you are alive, there should be some joy found nearby...grab it.

Yes, this is my first baby. But, she has Deputy Dave's frame with my curves...I am glad that Deputy Dave and I were two ingredients that made a couple of awesome recipes! My oldest began to tower over me when she was in the 5th grade...wearing a size 11 shoe. This is one reason she ended up to be a contestant on America's Next Top Model. She's a doll, a near six foot doll, but she is still a gorgeous DOLL! 

Deputy Dave must take his 6'1" frame and extend it to make sure his daughter is not taller than him in her heels. When wearing some heels, she is 6'2". It's a good thing that her fiance is 6'5" tall.

Deputy Dave is always a daddy first. But, he's a daddy who is always packing...just in case. It's nice to have a body-guard at your side every where you go.

Heather had her sissy with her, her little Stefie who is almost the actual size of a real life-size doll and she has incredible friends.

Here is Henry with his good friend Casey who is a professional ranch hand...I believe his parents' own about a 1,000 acre ranch here in Texas. He is a super nice guy who is a lot of fun, a true Texas guy.


I'm glad birthdays only come around once per year. Deputy Dave and I had to leave Pete's Dueling Piano Bar at 11:00pm. Everyone was hoping we would stay until the 2:00am closing time, but we were nearly panicked when thinking about how far beyond our bed-time we had already gone.

But you know, sometimes, you just gotta be a little wild. Wahooooo!!! We partied until 11pm and it was worth EVERY MINUTE past 9:00pm!! Living dangerously over here at Farm Life dangerously.


LindaG said...

Heather and Henry make a wonderful couple! Congratulations to them. I hope they have many many wonderful years together!

Hubby and I don't really cut loose. Don't know if it's because we don't know how, or because to us, cutting loose is a day fishing or a few pounds of boiled crawfish or something similar. :)

Sometimes a a bit envious of your fun times in Houston, but at the same time, I know Houston is too big for me to enjoy comfortably. Reminds me of the song 'I was born in a small town..'

You can be very proud of Heather though - as I know you are of all your daughters. :)

It looks like a great time last night though! Crazy. Never been to a piano bar, but it looks like the kind of place I might have tried in the military, haha!

Wow. Never heard of reconstruction with cadaver bone. I take it the seats weren't very comfortable? I hope you're all feeling better and recovering quickly today. ♥

I love that you're all so strong too. I envy you for that. ♥

Yup. Sometimes you just have to be a little wild. Glad you all had such a wonderful time. It will give you good memories when you need cheering.

Hope you all have a wonderful, blessed week! :)

Mike said...

I remember my partying days. I gave them up along with the ex. When it takes 3 days to get over a one-night out it's time to quit. Now, I nap in the recliner before getting up to go to bed. Ha!

You two done good on making beautiful babies. Must've been the Air Force training. ;) said...

Linda --- Deputy Dave and I are with you on the cutting loose being a day of fishing! I do not drink or smoke...I'm one of those do-good-gals and this venue, along with all of downtown Houston, has no smoking indoors, but my lungs have been sounding as if I have a terrible cold. My lungs are weak and it's very difficult for me to do things like this, but the rare moments for such huge laughter is worth it. We did laugh so hard, probably that's why my lungs are killing me...I used them! haha I guess these reasons are why it is time for Deputy Dave and I to move farther away from the city...neither one of us can keep up with this kind of pace. Even though we were there from 8pm-11pm, it was still difficult for us old-timers. :-) And your Louisiana history sure sounds good to us...we have regular crawfish boils and those don't leave me struggling to breathe. Having great get-togethers around the house is best for us. The great thing about a piano bar is that there are people of all ages, all cultures, well, in Texas we are a bit partial to being Texas-style party mode, but a piano bar is not like a regular "bar" or "club" because people are really there to celebrate something in their little groups. So, that makes it even more fun. And no the seats were not comfortable; we were crammed, but it was okay for the duration. Since my girls grew up listening to me play classical piano, this kind of piano fun is especially prone to make us all go into hysterics.

Mike --- I think I've hit the "it takes three days to recover from one night out" stage. But, we'll be moving to the country soon. These kinds of gatherings are becoming more and more rare, but they are a lot of fun and I wouldn't have missed it for anything. Even though I'm paying for it today. Oh well! It was worth it to get that video of her on stage so I can show it to her teenagers one day after she tries to tell them what a "perfect" kid she always was...oh, we got the "boob" video ready in our back pocket! haha Thanks for the compliments with the girls, yes I do think the Air Force had something to do with it since they were both conceived during the Air Force days. I've never actually thought about that until you brought it up. That will be a new one in the family, I'm sure! Going into the Wild Blue Yonder sure turned out good for us down the road!!!! :-)

John Gray said... the tutus and boy are you attractive!
Don't worry
Remember I'm gay said...

John --- I had to repost my comment because I'm obviously having a backwards word day. I previously said (corrected) --- I LOVE that you love my daughter's TuTu and thanks for the compliment! I'm sure you know us girls LOVE gay guys the most!!! You provide the safest way for us girls to get a manly compliment with TASTE and a sense of style!! haha! Thanks for coming over! I'll be by to visit you again very soon as well!