Sunday, October 9, 2011

#110 - Fishing Picnic - Part 2

Getting to eat KFC Chicken while having fun near the bay is my idea of an excellent time! I am writing this post as Part 2 to my "Fishing Picnic" day that my family recently enjoyed.

Stefie is a tiny thing, but she has legs that are a mile long.

Brice is Stefie's boyfriend...he is a sweetie.

I tell my niece Shaye, "I want a picture of you and your mommy with big smiles." She pulls her Five-Year-Old-Attitude to make sure I know that SHE controls her smile...

Uh, no Shaye, that's not a smile. But, your mommy is smiling and ready.

Shaye just doesn't want to smile, but I am relentless.

This is what the persistence gets me...

No, that's definitely not a smile, but you sure are making me laugh.

Shaye laughs with us. She loves to be silly and to make others smile, even by not smiling herself. Stinker.

Oh, I tell her that this is one of the most beautiful mommy and daughters I've ever seen.

Now, we are all smiling and my back is killing me.

From smiles to giggles all around.

My daughter's boyfriend has the cutest little nephew. He's been given a dead fish --- bait --- to play with. Fun times. He is obsessed with his dead fish.

As a toddler, he's still a BOY and figures out very quickly that boys are made to chase girls with dead fish.

The big boys go fishing and are having a great time.

This was a great day...a quick get-together that brought us wonderful memories for years and years to come. Dead fish and all.


Mike said...

Tell the Deputy I think that fishing pole color clashes with his eyes. hehe

LindaG said...

I would love to have someplace like that to fish around here.
Glad you all had such a great day.
I like KFC too, but he prefers Popeye's. :) said...

Mike --- Haha. I'll tell him. He is destined to be surrounded by pink with all these gals in his life!

Linda --- Fishing is such a huge part of our lives. When I was growing up, my grandmother would take me fishing. It was awesome. Deputy Dave had the same kind of grandma...I think they were the only ones to took us fishing when we were kids...just the grandmas. Kind of weird. And, Deputy Dave much prefers Popeye's over KFC, but my sister was in charge of the chicken. Still, it always tastes so good at a picnic. Next time we'll have to do Popeye's, but Deputy Dave might not be able to comfortable walk and fish after that kind of lunch. :-)