Wednesday, November 2, 2011

#127 - My Lemon Tree Awaits!

Back around 2001, Deputy Dave planted my little lemon tree for me on our land. I loved this tree. It had always resided in a large pot on our front porch and did very well. It produced delicious, sweet tasting lemons.

The picture below is not my lemon tree, but you can barely see the little lemon tree just to the right side of the wood decked area

I decided to take a risk and plant it on our land. Turns out, the lemon tree thrived once it was free from the confines of the pot and in the ground; my little tree began to grow stronger limbs and produce more fruit. However, our timing for a visit on the land did not always coincide with fruit production.

Every visit to our land, I first go on a search for my lemon tree. A few times, it has been covered by other growth and the area around the lemon tree had to be cleared so it would not be choked out. But, it hung in there, growing strong.

One day soon, I hope to be living on that land and be close by so that I can actually pick ripe lemons off the tree to make different lemon dishes and to squeeze out some fresh home-made lemonade. Until then, my lemon tree will have to stand strong in the wilderness, waiting for our next trip to clear its growing zone of vines and weeds.

Eventually, we will be able to plant more fruit trees on our land. Those are the kinds of fruits of our labor that I truly do love to savor! 


A Primitive Homestead said...

That would be so nice to pick fresh lemons. Blessings!

LindaG said...

Real glad to hear that your lemon tree survived the transplant. That is fantastic!
Have a good Thursday.
Did you get rain yesterday?

Lana at said...

Lara --- I agree, I love picking just about anything fresh from the vine!

Linda --- We did get some rain. It is chilly! Our cable TV was knocked out. Augh. And, I guess we'll have to figure out about the chickens as the temperatures drop. They have shelter, but this is my first year with chickens and I need to make sure I keep them warm enough to keep on kicking!


Rae said...

Oooh. I miss having a lemon tree. There is an ancient Meyer at my mom's that always has fruit on it, nearly as sweet as oranges. Mmmm...

Hope you have many a harvest from yours!