Sunday, November 27, 2011

#144 - Top 20 Current Thoughts About Life

Here are my Top 20 Current Thoughts About Life...meaning these can change day by day. Yes, I am a woman and glad for it! However, most of these are solid beliefs that I have stuck in my soul.

1. Treat yourself by using the good China for your grilled cheese or tuna-fish sandwich.

2. Wear that perfume, even when you have nowhere to go.

3. Sing, even if you can't carry a tune, be brave, feel the music, and sing.

4. Go without make-up and realize that less make-up means less wrinkles, it's the pay-off.
(That one doesn't apply to you Mike).

5. For men:  cuddle with your woman while there is still time and ability to do so!
(Okay Mike, you can use this one with Whoa-Man).

6. Do the right thing in life, but don't forget that you ARE human and imperfect; forgive yourself.

7. Never get too old for loving, frisky moments -- make it happen.

8. Laugh at yourself; enjoy God's sense of humor.

9. Read real books...the electronic ones can't be passed down through generations quite the same as the real thing. It's nice to hold a book and to know that your parent or your grand-parent sat somewhere and turned those same pages with their eyes scanning those same words...probably feeling the same things you feel. Don't get too electronic crazed that you forget the things that you'd LOVE to have in a power outage or a natural disaster...books...made from trees.

10. Always keep doing something you love...just for take you away from everything.

11. Be proud of your curves, don't try to wrap your bones only in skin and tissue, embrace those curves! Of course, if you're lacking a few curves, then embrace that thin frame and the absence of bathroom scales haunting you!

12. If someone keeps letting you down, then perhaps they were never the person who was supposed to lift you up, so move on!

13. Listen to the rain, think about how it is falling from the Heavens and seeping through the earth and know there is depth to all things in this world. A raindrop may seem small and meaningless, but small things add up to make big differences. To me...a raindrop signifies this concept. So does one teardrop.

14. Take family pictures that you can look back on with happiness, then have everyone take one more picture--- the funny face version that you can look back on while laughing out loud.

My sister Robin and her beautiful family.

15. Savor moments of silence, but also appreciate moments of conversation that will one day come to an end.

16. Read the Bible; it will give you perspective, even when you are fighting it tooth and nail.

17. Grit your teeth and tell your children that mistakes are inevitable and sometimes teach the most powerful lessons, then you have to sometimes let them fall so that they can learn to pick themselves back up on their own.

18. Okay, this is a tough one...Even if you are rich, always try to find a way to be more frugal. It's a fun challenge. Spending too much money is a trap that never brings lasting happiness...not having to buy extra Ziplock baggies can bring lots of extra smiles and space in the kitchen drawer. Gasp.

19. Do SOMETHING new every week --- stretch yourself in new ways --- try a new recipe, watch a new show, visit a new church, read a new genre, dance around the kitchen, let yourself laugh out-loud while's the best kind of laughter.

20. Be a friend to yourself. After all, you're born with YOU and you die right along with YOU. So, every now and then, make sure to be really nice to yourself and don't feel guilty about taking care of YOU.


Farmchick said...

A great list. Our family physician, and friend, always says that you have to be good to yourself. Great advice.

Lana at said...

Farmchick --- I am just now learning to allow myself to soar! Being set free has a good feeling to it and I am going to enjoy every good moment that I can savor! Your family physician is a wise man.


LindaG said...

Being good to yourself and forgiving yourself are always the hard ones.

Happy Sunday! ♥

Kelsie From Our Country Home said...

Love this list.

Blessings Kelsie

Mike said...

Yeah, I've gone without makeup quite a bit in my lifetime.

See, everytime you think of, or see the word woman, you'll pronounce it like I do. ;-)

And just for kicks; 18A - if you're poor try to find other ways to be rich. Strive to educate yourself. You're never too smart. Even though, some might think so. Remember my Dad's saying: never pay anyone for something you can do for yourself?

Nice list for you. I know it's not easy being a girl. ::running::

Lana at said...

Linda --- I agree and I think I'm finally hitting a place where I'll need to be forgiving myself a LOT. Augh! But, it's better than being walked on so often.

Kelsie --- You know how us girls are...that list may have some changes before too long, but those are the things I think about...and had on my chest. I hope it resonated. Thanks for the "blessings" cause I sure need them right now!

Mike --- you always crack me up! And I had throw in the "if you're rich" number cause they need SOMETHING to think about...or we can set up a fund and have them send the Ziplock savings over our way!!


Dreaming said...

I love your list. What a great idea. It's funny, but as I was beginning your post I thought about not having enough pictures of my mom with my kids. You certainly can't go back and get them later.
I laughed about the good china. We have just begun using - gasp - good china almost every day! Why not bring some elegance into your life? And, if something breaks... oh well! said...

Dreaming --- I agree! I have the most beautiful pictures of my mom with my kids and those are pictures to treasure. Definitely, get them while you can! And I do love having moments of using my mom's special!


Anonymous said...

Good list. Good ideas. Wise in your young age.
#12 I am always afraid I have let friends down . Help a girl out and lower your expectations a bit. :)
I am not always able to do what I would like to fulfill them.

Karen said...

Wonderful list of wisdom to live by, Lana!

I'm trying very hard to embrace my curves, but have to stop before my DH can no longer wrap his arms around my girth, ha. It's really hard to trim down this time of year, but I'm trying!

Lana at said...

Beth --- as for #12, I have friend that I've let down and they let me down; everyone has to decide at which point they have had too much. Hopefull, we have great friends who put up with us as much as we do them.

Karen --- Embracing the curves is hard for us women to do. That's because we are faced with unrealistic images every day. I guess we women in the real world will just have to keep re-setting the standard. :-)