Saturday, November 19, 2011

#139 - Food and a Jerk

Around here, when a new restaurant or fast-food joint opens, it is BIG news! Our town here in the Greater Houston area is located more toward the Gulf of Mexico and since Hurricane Ike hit us hard, it's been a slow recovery for businesses as well.

However, it seems the Food Executives in their towers have figured out that our side of town would appreciate having more food choices, so they began building a Carl's Jr. across the street from good old Walmart.

The first day that it appeared they were open for business, we didn't let the jam-packed parking lot stop us from making our way into the craziness. Deputy Dave was toting me and Stefie along for a generous night out on the town and a young man in the Carl's Jr. parking lot walked up and said, "Do you guys have your reservations as family or friend? This is a closed celebration for family and friends only, but we open tomorrow."

For a moment, we considered saying, "Check your list, we are...we are...the Johnsons, yeah, the Johnsons and the little blonde in the backseat, yeah, she's a Smith."

But, we didn't do anything. The young man gave us a little menu with a $1.00 off coupon and we went on our way, the smiling faces melting.

The following day, the Grand Opening of this restaurant in town found it to be so incredibly crazy that customers were having to make reservations. Reservations to eat at Carl's Jr.? this point I had never eaten there, but it seemed like reservations to this joint would be similar to having call-ahead-seating at Whataburger. Just not right.

Finally, we decided to make another attempt to dine at this new establishment on the second night it had been in business. Stefie had to follow Deputy Dave and I in her own truck because she had to rush to an afternoon college class after our early dinner. So, we headed to Carl's Jr. and when we pulled into the parking lot, it was a MADHOUSE! Deputy Dave snagged a parking space in the regular lot, but Stefie had to off-road it to a grassy lot next to Carl's Jr. that was designated for overflow parking. Crazy.

Outside, the drive-through lane had about six helpers guiding people through because the line wrapped around the building TWICE and the employees made sure everyone stayed in order. Inside the joint, there were long snaking lines that were actually handled with great organization. Their team moved us through nicely and took the orders expertly. I decided to try the Chicken Tenders with the Honey Mustard Sauce and yes, it was good. Of all the area restaurants with chicken tenders, I admit that Carl's Jr. has the best.

But, living in a rather smallish town connected with H-Town (Houston) is always amusing. When we're out, we always see someone we know. Of course, walking through the doors of the restaurant found Stefie and a young man exchanging greetings and smiles. They spoke for a few seconds, then he left. Stefie informed us that this was her friend from school who had decided one night to ride a dirt-bike for the first time...he crashed...his bottom tooth went through his lip and all he cared about was that his tooth was chipped. Cute kid.

Then, as we got our food and sat down at a table I had grabbed --- a clean table that I re-cleaned to the little worker girl's confusion --- we were eating and in walked my nephew, my brother's first son!

He is a tad younger than Stefie and a lot of fun. He left his place in that LONG line to come over and chat with us and to get a few hugs. I laughed and told Stefie that it's weird how we can't have a night out with her running into friends and cousins.

Overall, it was a good dinner. I cannot eat very much in one sitting because that is my personality - I've always been the slow-as-Christmas eater. But, nothing went to waste.

Deputy Dave decided he wanted Carl's Jr. again last night, so we headed out for another exciting excursion and so he could get another six pound burger. Let me tell you folks, my husband knows how to treat a woman...such a romantic day with a man showing his good heart and kind words! What more could a woman want in life? For all the women around town just dying to go to Carl's Jr. --- eat your heart out!

Then, we got home.

Unfortunately, most of my food ended up in our refrigerator and here's why...I'd had a rotten day with an awful random nosebleed earlier in the day that surely wasn't enjoyable, then a more rotten afternoon after being sickened at overhearing a husband in the neighborhood in an argument with his wife and hearing him suddenly working in words, repeatedly, about "busting a mouth" --- REALLY? This man lost all respect in my eyes. He's the kind who really doesn't care about his wife's feelings, so it's unlikely an apology will ever come's really obvious to many people around here that he can't worry about her because he's too busy being a jerk. I stood there wondering why she'd ever WANT to be with a man who talked to her like that? He's probably pretty lousy in all areas of being a husband. Regardless, the "bust a mouth" words were said in a snide, rambling manner so that he could assure himself and his wife that he was not DIRECTLY threatening her, but those words had no place in the conversation. It was completely inappropriate and sick and a veiled threat. Not very manly, not at all. Good job Mr.

I had to walk away...these situations are volatile, usually because the man feels a need to verbally push his wife around so he can relieve his own frustrations and make himself feel superior instead of being a good husband...which makes him pitiful to behold. He thinks he's "won" but he's lost all positioning in his family and that means he's pretty much a loser in my book.

So, I had to put my food in the refrigerator after that experience...witnessing veiled threats is not a pleasant ordeal.

And as for that ugly man...I think that people like that will have exactly what they deserve coming for a manner they least expect and in a way they never imagined. People full of such ugliness usually have it bounce back upon them in all areas of their life and then they wonder why they are so miserable? A person who is unwilling to be sorry for their words and actions are usually walking around with a dark cloud over them.

Yes, a dark, dark cloud and a wife whose heart could not be kept for himself, for obvious reasons.

The neighborhood soap opera continues. And, I live my life in peace and with joy down in my heart...thanking God for His love and mercy! Meanwhile, I know God is great at handing out justice.

Have a great weekend everyone, I know I plan to!


Mike said...

I've not been to a Carl's but, it always reminds me of a Shoney's.

As for jerks...I spent 10 years with a woman that was a demanding, full of herself, I do no wrong and you do, straight up B. I am so glad I left her and, eventually, moved here with the whoa-man. In our 8 years we've never once had an argument. This is what home and marraige is suppose to be. ;) said...

Good for you Mike. I am glad you are living in happiness and peace. One thing I've learned is that a person who is mean...just stays mean, so it's no use even trying to get through to them because their pride is a block to their own growth. To avoid it, I just stay inside and try to keep to myself!

:-) Lana

Karen said...

Wow, Lana, that restaurant must be extra-specially good, around here the restauranteurs would die to have people around the building and parking on the lawn! A six pound burger, wow, again!

We've been eating out a lot this week, I don't know why I haven't been cooking but it's fine with me that I don't have to do dishes, lol.

As to the jerk; there are so many of them out there and they are dangerous little sniveling cowards. I'm sure your husband has had to deal with thousands of the creeps over his career. So much domestic violence is hidden behind closed doors and in the least expected places. Scary world, and I hope you're right, I hope they do get their just rewards in the end.

On a happier note, I hope you have a great weekend!

Lana at said...


LindaG said...

Hardee's uses that same Star. Interesting.
I have NEVER gone to an opening of any kind. Well, Except the first Star Wars movie, lol.
Hate crowds.
No Carls Jr around here, so will take your word that it was good. :)

Love that your husband is such a romantic. ;-)

Sorry to hear about the jerk. Sadly, it seems that abused women rarely leave the abuser. :(

*hugs* and God bless. ♥