Tuesday, November 29, 2011

#145 - The Red is Hidden

Thanksgiving week madness included the need for me to paint the walls of our formal dining room.

I had always loved this "California Poppy" red color, but the paint job had never really been finished and the baseboards had been messed up from the tile job...they needed a fresh, clean coat of white paint so badly they were screaming for a cover-up!

So, I would wait until late evening, after the dogs had been put to bed so I would not have tufts of dog hair leaned into the wet wall paint, and I began to put on the four coats that it would take to cover the red color.

I first out-lined the edges of the area that I would be painting. I decided to go with the same color that was on the upper walls because I was pressed for time. I actually have a lovely burgundy color I'd love to put on the walls, but this house won't be mine for much longer, so it really doesn't matter if it's beige or burgundy, as long as it's fresh and ready for anything to blend in with the paint color.

An old metal planter had  leaked and left an area of rust on the grouted floor, so I've got to buy some grout/rust cleaner and get it out of there! But, back to the walls, as the walls are becoming more and more blended in with each coat of paint, I become more and more delighted. This process takes patience. It's not easy to cover up red walls with a lighter color of paint.

Beyond the red walls, each coat of paint makes the unpainted baseboards look even more horrendous. I am aching inside as my baseboards look neglected!

Finally, the day before Thanksgiving, as I'm rushing around cleaning --- disinfecting toilets, dusting and doing things that can only be described as "Spring Cleaning," I am so happy to find my formal dining room looking a more refreshed!

And the baseboards are singing praises of thanks!! It feels great to see the results of my quick, fast work. Just don't look behind the china cabinet...that area will be "off-limits" until the house is sold and I'm doing some quick catching up behind closed doors --- after the massive piece of furniture is moved.

Until then, there will be a dash of red keeping my secret.


Mike said...

After the house is sold, who cares what color is hidden behind the china cabinet. *Surprise!*

LindaG said...

Haha. I'm with Mike. ;-)

Congratulations. It looks really good, Lana. :-)

Texan said...

I am on a major winter cleaning. Its keeping me really busy which for now is good, my mind doesn't need to much down time right now it starts to feel sad. So I have been tearing this house apart, moving all furniture, doing drapes, floors, baseboards, windows, well you name it.

Rae said...

:) When we bought our place, we laughed our asses off about the paint job the previous owners had done. They had painted around multiple pieces of furniture. Not in a prep to sell... They just hadn't bothered to move anything when painting the house for themselves. Lol. They had even painted around what must have been a small cabinet (like 3' tall) in the bathroom. Really? Couldn't move it? :)

Your painting is looking great! Reminds me that I need I get a move on at our other property. Time to get out the brushes!

Karen said...

Lana, I'm the world's worst painter. Dang, I hate that job. (Though I would move the furniture, lol.)

Love the way it turned out, you're so ambitious doing all this work. I know it's in prep for the move, and the new owners are going to be very lucky to have it all done.