Friday, September 14, 2012

# 343 - A Heart's Treasure

Getting to spend some precious time with my 83 year old grandmother is so important. I miss my mom and she misses her daughter, but we have each other.

My grandmother is like a best-friend. If we had been friends, in the same generation, we probably would have torn the place up. We always have too much fun together.

The two of us spent Friday night together...talking, laughing, and catching up. I made dinner for both of us and we enjoyed sharing a meal, like old times.

Taken September 14, 2012

I hope God grants me the ability to live into old age and to be as wise and good-humored as she is, especially after all of the rough times she's been through in life. She reminds me that we make our own place in this world; it's up to us how we want it to look. How we set up our environment is going to reflect much of how we feel, day by day. This woman knows how to surround herself with beautiful things that have wonderful memories tied to them.

Even on the hard days, I am so happy to have special people in my life.

I realize, with gratitude, that I came into this world well loved and I will die well loved. What more can a person ask for beyond that simple, yet powerful blessing?



You are so young to realize the wisdom of the old.
Enjoy your grandma.
Missing mine. And my mom.
Blessings to you both.
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LindaG said...

Amen, Lana. Wonderful post.
Glad you got to spend time with your 'Granny'.

Have a blessed Sunday. ♥

Hookin It With Mr. Lick Lick said...

You are very lucky to still have her. Mine passed when I was young (on my mother's side) and I never knew my father's mother. He kept her where abouts secret until she passed. Long story but I wish I had known her.