Sunday, September 23, 2012

# 349 - Dressing Room Fun!

Okay, I am bringing everyone along for my shopping trip to find a Mother-of-the-Bride dress for my daughter's wedding coming up on October 13th.

Normally, I am one of those women who dresses with great purpose, to hide my full shape. I am definitely full-figured, some parts are fuller than others, so it makes it a challenge for me to try on clothes.

My daughters and my sister are usually my helpers in a dressing room. For any woman who is naturally big-busted, you can sympathize with the awful problems that come with getting a dress over the bust area. Usually, taking the dress back off is the main problem. But, the experience comes with loads of laughter.

I usually have to get a dress one size larger just to accommodate this area of my body. That stinks.

Finding a dress that doesn't look frumpy is a challenge. Finding a dress that doesn't make me look like all bust is a challenge. Then, we won't even discuss my waist line.

As a regular woman, I have multiple challenges to find the right dress.

This dress was nice, but remember that I do not have the proper undergarments to smooth everything out, such as Spanks. Yes, I will require structure assistance from such miracle support-wear.

I decided that this dress has too much of me showing for it to be proper or for me to feel comfortable wearing for a full wedding day that will end with a reception of dining and dancing.

Need Spanks --- Badly --- Body Support Revolutionized!

My sister tries to tell me that a good support bra will change the look of the dress. She does her best to demonstrate as I go into hysterics.

My Sissy says, "With a good support bra, it will look
more like THIS," and she does some heavy lifting!

Having a sister is such a huge blessing, especially while trying on dresses in a department store.

There's my Sissy peeking around from behind me!

The final answer to the brown, busty dress was, "Ah...NO."

Then, I tried on a frumpy number that showed more lumps than I would have liked to admit belonged to me. The color was too bland and it kind of hung on me like drapes from the living room window. No thanks. The pleats running down over my stomach doesn't do much for my figure. Just say NO to straight line pleats!

Here is the "Paper Bag" dress!

I will have to post more later. I did find a dress that I loved, but I've been reminded of how much fun it is to try on dresses. I have got to start doing things that will give me more chances to wear a sexy dress and to feel a little glamorous while taking a break from the chickens.

As for THE dress. I do believe I found it. Actually, I came home with it and it is the perfect "compromise" dress. It shows my full figure, but without too much exposure at the bust-line, however, it does not completely hide the ba-bam woman side of me.

I don't want to post it because I can't show a picture of me wearing it until I have it on with the right undergarments. It's a dress made with beautiful, quality fabric, it has a nice liner sewn into the dress, shoulder pads that I will be removing because God gave me a great built-in set of my own, and the dress fits perfectly. I can tell you it had a hefty price tag that made me nearly choke, but this is a dress to wear to my daughter's wedding, it's okay for it to be of more value. This event has more value in my life than most others.

The dress I selected to wear to the wedding is designed by Ralph Lauren and was purchased from Macy's. My final choice allows for sexy sophistication. I feel the dress I brought home is more appropriate for the Mother-of-the-Bride who owns a lot of cleavage. More importantly, this dress hanging in my closet with a protective covering is also a neutral color with a bit of sparkle, but it is not a stark color, this dress will help me blend in during family wedding photos, especially because the wedding attire is champagne in color.

Speaking of dresses, my sister found a sassy, saphire number that captures evening fits her personality perfectly. I will post a photo of her in that dress very soon. She had more freedom with color and style since she is the young "Aunt" and not the Mother-of-the-Bride. Her off-the-shoulder dress with sheer, flowing fabric looked stunning on her. Of course, I feel as if my sister is one of the most beautiful women I've ever known, inside and out, she could even pull off the Paper Bag dress!.

My daughter didn't want anyone to wear anything too formal long dresses and no poofy dresses. However, she does want us to look our best with elegance being the key to our appearance. I think my dress selection hit that requirement right on the head. Heather was raised as a city girl, but she also has some country roots and a current country existence that needs to be honored. Additionally, her fiance is ALL country. Well, to be fair, he's been getting a big dose of city life since he and Heather have been together; Houston has become one of their favorite places to chase fun with their friends. But, the wedding is country-themed and will include bridesmaids who are wearing cowboy boots with their dresses, and yes, Heather will be wearing cowboy boots with her wedding dress.

I am so thrilled about the wedding! October 13th is DAYS away! My countdowns that had included months and months of time for preparations have disappeared, and we're down to about three weeks before the wedding. I think it's only 19-20 days before the wedding day! Soon, the wedding will be a memory.

Since I have now been hooked on looking for that perfect dress, I just might go back to the store to buy a few of those WOW dresses to have on hand for a special evening out on the town.


LindaG said...

Congratulations on finding the right dress!
I'm sure it will be amazing. ♥

My hubby was born on October 13th. ;o)

Have a wonderful week! said...

Linda - I think my sister and I had more fun shopping together than anything else. It's great to have a sister! We're nuts together.


Anonymous said...

Thanks for taking us along on the dress shopping trip.....looks like fun.
I have seen women in dresses like the brown one you tried on that you wonder , what the heck they were thinking. heeee
You have such good taste I am sure the winner is a real winner on you.
Are you wearing cowboy boots also? :)