Wednesday, September 26, 2012

# 351 - Paying Respects

This past weekend, I had the saddest day that I've had in a long time.

A sweet gal in her mid-thirties that had been such a joyful part of my family's world died in a tragic fire that made Houston's prime-time news.

apartment fire8
Here is Carrie's apartment - after the roaring fire had been battled.

apartment fire5

We all waited and waited, then the memorial was finally allowed to take place this past weekend at a local church. Carrie Jordan died because of that fire. Over the past few years, we had lost touch with Carrie. She's in the picture below, at my house, she's standing in white pants next to her date at the time. My sister is in the black shirt. Those two gals shared many laughs and tears together throughout the years.

I don't know if you can see by this picture, but Carrie had the most awesome smile you'd ever witness. She had a true smile decorated with the sweetest dimples!

Around 2004, my mother had been in a terrible car accident and needed surgery that would require her to live in a rehabilitation hospital for about six weeks. All of us rallied around my mother to help her recovery, but Carrie was having problems of her own, so she moved in with my parents and helped my mother, so unselfishly. Not only did she help my mother, she did it with love.

I'll always remember her generosity and her capacity to share such kindness.

Most devastating about this entire situation that took Carrie's life is that she'd just come home to her apartment in Houston with her newborn baby boy. Even though the fire ended up taking Carrie's life, her son lived and is healthy today.

There's no doubt that I mourn the loss of this beautiful, young woman and I mourn the fact that her son will never know his mother. I don't think they had time to take any pictures of them together other than the one immediately after his birth. There just wasn't time.

So, this past Sunday, my dad came to my house to pick me up and we drove to my sister's house to pick her up so we could all drive together to attend the memorial. Most of all, we wanted to support my Sissy as Carrie was really her friend. We all had our own relationships with Carrie, but Robin had a long friendship with her and so many regrets can be made over the loss of the friendship through the years, but that's how life goes. We constantly evolve.

Waiting for Robin to wrap up last minute things before leaving, my dad took this opportunity to smoke a cigarette as I sat in the car taking pictures of everything around me, including me!

Finally, Robin emerges from the depths of her beautiful shelter and we are all on our way to pay our respects to Carrie.

In the book of memories left for everyone to write in it...I wrote about Carrie being such a sweetheart and about how she had the willingness to help others in need.

Most of all, we've been graced by her smile...the smile that cannot be forgotten.


LindaG said...

*hugs* ♥

MamaTea said...

I am so sorry. Words seems so pointless at a time like this. :( Carrie's family is in my thoughts, as are you and yours.

Anonymous said...

Grab life and live it ! Now ! Don't wait.


Anonymous said...

I am leaving comments then they don't show up here after a while....are you getting them on your email , anyway? I don't care if they show up here.....just so you know I support you.Beth