Saturday, September 15, 2012

# 344 - Cary Grant Kept His Britches

Old movies on the Turner Classic Movie channel are great to have available to watch. I love to see how things looked in these days...the clothes, the homes, the furnishings...the art of conversation and entertaining.

One of the old movies I watched this past week starred Cary Grant, filmed around 1952. This movie, "People Will Talk" is about cutting edge material of the day, a man wanting to marry a woman that he knows is pregnant by another man.

Interesting topic for rigid thinking in the 50's, to be sure.

I froze my DVR for some pictures and since I have sited the source, I hope I will not end up in jail for crossing Ted Turner. After all, who can resist a woman drooling over a Cary Grant moment?

The photo below is of an awesome country front porch with an area that curves outward for more visiting space. Good idea. The porch is surrounded by bamboo screens, the same kind my mother always used. Today, you can get those at IKEA. Back in Cary Grant's time, I have no idea where they found them.

Oh, heart, be still!

I'm trying to stay focused...

This old-fashioned barn is amazing. I can only imagine the vibrant color it displayed. But, even with its black and white presentation, its grandness is evident.

Finally, I get to watch Cary try to open this fence, which seems to be the most sturdy I've seen, ever. The corner posts are massive. In this scene, the farm dog comes running out barking at him, so Grant high-tails it back to his car. I found it humorous. Run Cary, run! If it had been my dog Howdy chasing him, he would not have had time to make it back to his car without some damage to his britches.

I would be glad to move into this farm house that the poor pregnant girl could not wait to leave behind. Of course, she was following Cary Grant, so I guess the farm was not so important any longer.

I wonder...are there anymore Cary Grants in the world?

Well, as far as I am concerned, at least there are Cary Grants for the span of a movie and that is enough for me, then I can go back to doing boring things such as scanning more documents or back to cleaning baseboards.

Tomorrow, it's Jimmy Stewart day.


Mike said...

I can think of 2 Cary Grant movies that have to be my all time favorites. First and foremost, Father Goose. Love it! Secnd, The Bishop's Wife. Two entirely different characters and he played them very well. I don't care who you are, if you don't like Cary Grant there must be something wrong with you. said...

Mike - I've seen the Bishop's Wife and I love that movie too, an all time favorite, I've not seen Father Goose, so I'll have to put it on my list! Cary Grant seemed to have a cheery disposition, as if he had an inner glow. So nice!


LindaG said...

Father Goose is definitely a great one. :o)

We might go fishing. I look at the house and see everything that needs doing and get nothing done because I can't figure where to work next.

Have a great afternoon, Lana!