Thursday, October 18, 2012

# 361 - The Good Stuff - A Fan & A Honeymoon

Funny moments at weddings always bring a smile and stress-relief.

The Bridal room had a problem with the air conditioning, it was crowded, stuffy and uncomfortable. Two fans were brought in and the person who was most covered in fabric, the Bride, got a fan right up the skirt.

Also, if you look closely, you'll see that each gal is holding a red SOLO cup because their bouquets were needing a drink of water to remain fresh and lively. So, these intelligent women made temporary vases out of the plastic cups. Between the fan blowing up Heather's wedding dress and the solo cups in hand, this is one of my favorite photos!

And here is the Maid of Honor, my youngest daughter, Stefie, holding her bouquet in a solo cup, looking as if she's ready for this wedding to get started.

Here is the Bride's bouquet in a solo cup...such moments of pure beauty.

And here are the girls, minus the fan and minus the solo cups. The bride is radiant and all the girls are a beautiful sight to behold.

Through the afternoon, the girls helped each other to battle the damage that the high humidity was doing to their hair. Such sweet moments.

And I love how my Bride-daughter seems right at home in that wedding dress!

Now, for the vacation of a lifetime, the Honeymoon! Henry and Heather are spending three weeks traveling around Europe. On Monday, they landed in Athens, Greece, they went to Venice, which Heather feels is very over-rated, and they have enjoyed staying at a resort in Mykonos. All the pictures are like are a few they have shared so far...

Little Venice

Walking the streets of Mykonos

View from their private balcony at Santorini.
The beaches have RED sand!

Another of Mykonos.
So far, it seems that Santorini has been their favorite place. I can't wait to see the pictures from ROME! Good thing they are having a beautiful honeymoon. It's wonderful that they can electronically share their pictures with us instead of the old-fashioned torture of having to bring home rolls of film that must be processed and passed around to visitors.

This kind of sharing is much more efficient and's amazing.

I wonder what I'll get to see tomorrow? Hopefully the face of my child in one of the photos so she can prove these are not just postcards!

Have a great one everybody!

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